• So Sad, So Sexy

    So Sad, So Sexy

    I was going to wait till I was ready to do this, but can you ever be ready to feel the cracks in your being ignite? I don’t like fires and this current one is burning to the rhythm of Chris Brown’s Say Goodbye, the irony? I am not ready to say goodbye. The truth? […]

  • The Blue Berry Syrup of My Dreams – 4 Things to Order at Coffee Casa

    The Blue Berry Syrup of My Dreams – 4 Things to Order at Coffee Casa

    With the food scene in Nairobi rapidly growing, sometimes you need a guide to effectively navigate it. Here’s my Coffee Casa menu recommendation.

  • Tips and Tricks: A Guide on How to Take Great Photos for Your Instagram

    Tips and Tricks: A Guide on How to Take Great Photos for Your Instagram

    Are you looking to revamp your Instagram or do you simply just need to take great photos for your personal use? Here are tips on how to take great photos.

  • Chasing elephants, a guide.

    Chasing elephants, a guide.

    I spent the last evening of 2018 chasing elephants in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. At some point, I almost gave up. I mean, the sun was almost half way done with the setting business, the conservancy was just about to close for the day and who’s to say that elephants do not have some sunset business […]

  • Taking Stock 2.25

    Taking Stock 2.25

    Hey you,I know it’s been a while since we talked. Actually, the last time I was here, I promised to come on more often and share some good stuff aka my writing *cough* cough* but… well, you know that phrase, ‘Man plans and God laughs…’? That’s exactly what happened. I was kidogo indisposed but I’m […]

  • Guess Who’s Back Again!

    Guess Who’s Back Again!

    I’ve been gone for a while, I know. Not one month, not two but two and a couple of weeks. Truth is, I’d remain gone for a few more if it was really up to me- it isn’t. The guy that runs this space for me has taken it upon himself to text me, on […]

  • Taking Stock 2.24

    Taking Stock 2.24

    Hey you, I know it’s been a long while since you caught up. Actually, it’s been a long long while, I haven’t posted here since my birthday- in early December… and while I’m excited to break the silence and hit ‘publish’ on a few waffles/cafe reviews, share with you a list of road trip essentials […]

  • Twenty Five is for Joy

    Twenty Five is for Joy

    Twenty five years ago today, I showed up in this world. In typical ‘kuna food?’ Veon version, I showed up at 1pm, gotta stay on brand my people. ???? It’s been a crazy 25 years. From multiple high school suspensions, to falling in love with writing, to starting a blog, getting published, falling in love, […]

  • A Rack of Ribs and Savanna – RocoMamas

    A Rack of Ribs and Savanna – RocoMamas

    My friend Zein likes to joke that Nairobi girls operate on a template; we don’t particularly care for beer but drink Savanna almost by the bucketloads, if a chilly evening finds us at a coffee shop, we order a honey, ginger and lemon but believe almost religiously in the healing powers of Java’s Dawa whenever […]

  • Taking Stock 2.23

    Taking Stock 2.23

    I’m not sure what inspired Nike’s slogan ‘Just do it!’ but I’ve found that taking it literally works. For instance, I’d convinced myself my to do list is too packed for me to blog and started adding this blog post on to that list over lunch but halfway through, my brain went ‘Or you could […]

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