Taking Stock 2.23

I’m not sure what inspired Nike’s slogan ‘Just do it!’ but I’ve found that taking it literally works. For instance, I’d convinced myself my to do list is too packed for me to blog and started adding this blog post on to that list over lunch but halfway through, my brain went ‘Or you could just do it now’ so here we are… see just did it. Too much? Finneee let’s take stock instead.

Making a travel bucket list for 2019. There’s so many places I want to go, so many experiences I want to live through and 2018 has been a great start: Ol Pejeta Conservancy was such a trip, Ngare Ndare froze and thawed me, Mount Kenya Safari Club was a total dream and Malindi inspired the idea of solo travel. I really am excited.

Cooking… I haven’t cooked in a bit. My work life balance has been a bit off, by the time I get home I really  cannot be bothered to cook.

Drinking hot water by the mugful. Not sure that mugful is a word but I feel it’s really helped with my digestion and since I don’t workout at the moment (I run thrice a week though) I think it’s also the only logical explanation about my weight gain or lack thereof, that and/or genes.

Eating? Me? More like inhaling junk food. Seriously though, I’ve been eating too much junk this month and I’m not sure how I’m still skinny. On the positive, you can look out for restaurant reviews and a proper #FeedingV segment. In the meantime, catch some of the action on my Instagram.

Reading rather poorly this second half but I’m reintroducing myself  to the lit life with Jane Green’s Falling. I figured fluff is the best entry and nothing says yummy fluff better than a romance novel… I cannot wait to get my hands on Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Gabrielle Union’s We Need More Wine though.

Wearing a face full of makeup less often. Previously, I’d do this every weekday (except for Wednesdays) but my skin hasn’t been at it’s best. Now that it’s improving, I’m looking to stock up on makeup goodies.

Wishing… we’re not wishing anymore, tumepanaga harambee. Prepare your pockets please, we’re getting V a new phone, sawa?

Wanting ermmm… new phone? Duhhhh

Playing games with my own heart. Why have your heart broken when you can sufficiently do it yourself, uno?

Listening to Blinky Bill’s Album like I am getting paid to steam it. It’s really good though and worth checking out, I promise. And I am not just saying that because I will be in the Mungu Halali video.

Watching The Good Wife. I’m still on season 1 though. Yeah I don’t know where I have been either. I love it but ermmm why is it called The Good Wife? Besides not divorcing him following his treachery, Alicia Florrick is portrayed more as a lawyer than wife which makes the title feel like click bait.

Loving early mornings. I’ve always thought I was a night person so this is definitely taking me by surprise.

Thinking do I ever do that? I kid! Of my 25th (which is exactly two weeks away!) I started this countdown on my social, Twitter & Instagram especially, and I am not sure what exactly we’re counting down to because all I plan on the day of is just showing up to work. 😐

Dreaming of more travel! I hate traveling in December because it feels likes that’s what everyone is doing and y’all take out the traffic out of the city with you but… I have a couple group trips happening in the first half of Dec so yaaaayyyy!

Enjoying almond oil body butter from Body Shop. This is my favourite thing at the moment so I’m savoring it. Mnaenda South Africa Christmas? I have a list of more Body Shop things I need x want, nitume list?


Smelling, Invicible for Men by Aris. hahaha pia hii inaisha.

Following Wendy Watta I’ve been following her for a while, but now more than before, her fusion of travel and food defines my dreams.

Knowing that if I hold on, we’ll go home. Totally a Drake line…

Appreciating the lovely human beings in my life.

Understanding that staying calm in the face of madness is half the battle.

Feeling like I need a vacation and to move from Thika Road (because what on earth is that traffic on a daily) but appreciating that I need to make money for both first, so a quick nap over lunch will have to do…

Photos taken at #10YearsOf Blankets & Wine by Sombo


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