Taking Stock 2.24

Hey you,
I know it’s been a long while since you caught up. Actually, it’s been a long long while, I haven’t posted here since my birthday- in early December… and while I’m excited to break the silence and hit ‘publish’ on a few waffles/cafe reviews, share with you a list of road trip essentials and ultimately create a guide on how to prep for a game drive (yes, this is me totally preempting a few blog posts I have planned) I thought I should start with a mini catch up session, which is really what Taking Stock is, right ? ☺️

Now, I’m not going to say happy new year because the year is quite old at this point and because if I am being honest, the beginning of the year has never been a favorite of mine. It somehow almost always manages to catch me in a funk (think Monday blues, but month long) and with a terrible feeling of underachievement. This year’s dosage came specially packed with some health concerns… bleugh… but this girl is feeling much better and is miraculously mustering the psyche to face up to the rest! Can I hear a Hallelujah, church?
Enough of my downs though, let’s catch up!

A list of places of places and food joints I want to visit this year. The world is huge and while they make a mean chocolate fudge cake, Java isn’t the only eatery in this city. ☺️

This one has been postponed till further notice. I recently burnt my hand while cooking rice and after cursing all night (when I wasn’t calling for my mum) I’ve decided to temporarily retire from the kitchen.
Steam can kill you, or just your fingers guys…

… or not. I’m convinced I might’ve done a serious number on my liver in December and for this reason, I chose to step back from all those yummy cocktails. The deal is to go alcohol free for the first 59 days of the year. It’s day 40-something (that’s your cue to clap ☺️) and who knows, I might extend it into March. Or not… tutajua

A lot of yoghurt & fruit. Sprinkle some nut on top, protein is important.

‘Otherwise Engaged’ it’s chic lit but hella humourous. Coincidentally, the main character is a copywriter and that’s as far as the similarities go seeing that this chic is engaged and counting down to her wedding…
I think this is my 3rd book of the year. I’m almost done and open to suggestions, preferably books written by women.

At the moment? I’m in PJs. There’s nothing like loose pants and spaghetti straps to get you through this Nairobi heat!

…for a column this year. Universe, I’m talking to you!

So much, but low key so I can’t exactly post the whole list here…

I reinstalled Infinity Loop on my phone, but things were so hectic for a while, I haven’t played it in weeks.

To Blinky Bill’s album again. The Mungu Halali video came out today (if you pay extra attention, you might spot me) and I got nostalgic over it so…

Old Romance movies on Netflix. I can see you judging. I won’t explain.

Lemon water. I have to go easy on high acid foods but lemon in my water is one thing I’m not ready to give up just yet.

Thinking & Dreaming
…of the beach.

Solitude. You know that Sabrina Claudio Song about being alone but not lonely?

So much from myself… you’ve got this love. If not, you’ll figure it out.

Garnier’s Even & Matte, Soft Smoothing Toner. I don’t particularly care for the scent but my skin loves it … ????????‍♀️

Shoestory.co.ke yes, it’s about shoes and shoe pairings. Yes, it reads better than most style blogs. Yes, the photography is by Victor Peace. Of course it’s good quality.

It always gets better.

My nose. I have one of those dust induced flus that come with a blocked nose and now I really appreciate being able to breathe properly.

He who feels it knows it… yes, that’s a reggae lyric. No, I’m not sure where I was going with that…

A little blue, but there’s a quick trip coming up in the immediate future so also a little sunny? Now to figure out what to wear…

Photos by Zeinab, at the Village market Food Court. 





3 responses to “Taking Stock 2.24”

  1. David Avatar

    Welcome back!

  2. Nasir Avatar

    It does get better. Get well soon ???? and come back to us know full glory.

  3. Nasir Avatar

    Get well soon ???? and come back to us

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