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My friend Zein likes to joke that Nairobi girls operate on a template; we don’t particularly care for beer but drink Savanna almost by the bucketloads, if a chilly evening finds us at a coffee shop, we order a honey, ginger and lemon but believe almost religiously in the healing powers of Java’s Dawa whenever we have a cold.

Perhaps Zein does have a point because on the day we went to RocoMamas, guess what I ordered? A Savanna! And yes, this was after salivating over their freakshakes online. But you gotta have your Savannah when your body asks for it, no?

With my cold one, I ordered half pork ribs and we split large fries and Zein had Peri Peri wings with the wings. And because, unlike me, he doesn’t necessarily operate with a template, he got a chocolate freakshake.

I wasn’t too sure about the flavors so I opted for Old Skool BBQ ribs. They were sweet, with a hint of savory and well made so much so that I opted to leave my cutlery unbothered and dug in with my hands, it was with little to no struggle. The flavours were great, especially if you’re feeding kids or don’t care for spice but I’ll definitely order something with a kick next time.

Speaking of a kick, Zeinab’s wings were perfectly hot. I know this because I totally obeyed the Nairobi girl template and ate from his plate too. The freakshake? I regret not ordering one myself! Rich in chocolate flavours, thicker than molten cheese and generously topped, doesn’t that sound like the chocolate shake of your dreams?

Service is good. We were there on a weekday, they weren’t too packed. The wait staff is attentive without being intrusive and while I wasn’t looking at my watch throughout, our food was ready in about 10/15 minutes.

RocoMamas do not have an in-house bathroom, but bathrooms at Village Market (new wing) are clean, well stocked with Tissues and flowers and work just fine.

View the RocoMamas menu here. 

Have you eaten at RocoMamas? What was your experience?


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