Twenty five years ago today, I showed up in this world. In typical ‘kuna food?’ Veon version, I showed up at 1pm, gotta stay on brand my people. ????

It’s been a crazy 25 years. From multiple high school suspensions, to falling in love with writing, to starting a blog, getting published, falling in love, to being nominated for an award (and not winning it- sigh) being broken and unfortunately breaking others in the process, inhaling a fair share of Nairobi’s food scene, becoming my own parent, trying out journalism and falling in love with the agency world… I’ve lived, I’ve loved and I continue to have a bunch of mad (I mean lovely) humans in my corner.

I am blessed.

That is not in doubt.

25 is a celebration of those blessings. In fact, that celebration started about a month with #CountDownTo25 but in the past fortnight it began to feel like my 25 isn’t all that and I got into a funk. That funk wasn’t helped by a couple of things in my life going completely wrong. The subsequent result was I stopped and started severely comparing myself to people who’ve done amazing things at 25 and I don’t need to tell you how that went, do I?

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I know you’ve heard that line before but I’m saying it again, I am typing it again.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

And I really like joy, I like to laugh hard and that means the uglier the laugh, the better. So instead of comparing myself to others, I only have one mission for the period between 5 December, 2018 and 4 December, 2019.

To find joy, to live it and pass it forward.

And that starts with walking in the truth of who I am, always.

Happy birthday V.

Images courtesy of @Shem.Obara

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