Taking Stock 2.25

Hey you,
I know it’s been a while since we talked. Actually, the last time I was here, I promised to come on more often and share some good stuff aka my writing *cough* cough* but… well, you know that phrase, ‘Man plans and God laughs…’? That’s exactly what happened. I was kidogo indisposed but I’m better now, so what do you say? Shall we try this again?

Making lists of things that need to get done. Call me a weirdo, but ticking things off a to do list gives me a weird sense of accomplishment, regardless of how menial the tasks on my list are.

Eating really healthy on most days. My body is in shock to be very honest, and it’s showing, I’ve added a few kilos and have been (lovingly) accused of being too self conscious about it.

Cooking… does other people’s cooking count?

Drinking two liters of water on a daily. Next time someone with great skin tells you their secret is drinking loads of water, believe them. Well, water and Garnier products… I am living proof.

Reading The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder. It’s one of those ‘bend over‘ bookstore finds that somehow manage to surprise you (I thought the main character had found her happy ending then the dude died). I’m not sure about the genre either, it’s spiritual- not to be confused with christian- wholesome and slightly in the romance realm but also not… some bits are a little overwritten though.

Wearing rugged pants and more rugged denim. I actually can’t recall the last time I was in a dress. Which is sorta sad but if I am going to have a personal uniform, at least rugged denim is edgy…

Wishing… not really wishing. A lot of things in my life aren’t perfect and there’s a tonne that’s either not going according to plan or taking me by surprise but I am filled with so much gratitude for what I’ve got and the people that have got me, wishful thinking would leave me feeling like an ingrate.

Wanting to move houses.

Needing that new house. To be honest, this is the top thing on my mind, like every moment of everyday.

That and I’d kill for some beach time right now.

Playing Nao’s Another Lifetime. It’s a beautiful song that I woke up to, at 5am on the worst day of my life- I kid you not- but every time I play it I am filled with such good vibes (and that bad day might as well be a whole lifetime away.)

P.s Nao is playing at AfroPunk Joburg this December (alongside Masego, Miguel, Solange, Goldlink) and I now that I think about it, I lied, I definitely have something on my wish list- seeing all these guys in concert.

Listening to random music. I don’t particularly have a favourite genre, but I’m forever asking Siri what’s playing whether I am watching a TV or in a jav or at a social gathering… I should probably just download Shazam but I like our conversations with Siri so Shazam… not just yet.

Watching The Bold Type. Actually, I just finished the watching season 3 last night and i have no idea what to do with myself. That’s a lie, I do… but I can’t recall the last time a show resonated with me as much as #TheBoldType does.

Loving my niece. Six years later and I’d still do anything for that tiny human (who’s growing way too fast!) I used to question what love looks like, like how do you really know, but thanks to her, I have a very clear idea.

Thinking about that new house I need… Also, a while back, I mentioned I was looking to record a podcast then shelved that idea. Well, maybe it’s time to take that idea off the shelves and act on it.

Enjoying the idea of taking a break from limited attachments and trying free falling. Somehow I know I will be caught before I hit the ground. But if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be fine too. Almost dying give s you more guts I think.

Smelling… I have a cold, so I might be if but it’s definitely lemon and ginger and honey cause sis has a cold. It’s me, I am sis.

Following… to be honest, nothing or no one new at the moment. Hopefully, that will change soon. There’s so much great content out there just waiting for me to discover it so yeah…

Knowing that somehow, things always workout and even when everything is falling apart, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Appreciating the people in my life.

Understanding… so much.
So, I’ve been going to therapy (the kind you sit across someone and you guys talk about your life and they offer professional input? Yes, that one.) on a weekly basis and it’s helped bring so much clarity in my life that I honestly would recommend it. If you can, please go! See someone! Talk to someone! I promise it helps.

Feeling… grateful, I feel like I am oozing gratefulness, I could be wrong. But… I’m also really scared because they are a tonne of things in my life that I need to sort out but even with that going on, I am grateful for life, for my friends, for my family, for this little corner on the internet that belongs to me and being able to share it with you (Inconsistent as I have been in the past couple of months not withstanding.)

Now, I have to run. Stay safe, stay warm in this Nairobi cold and if everything holds, we’ll touch base soon.

Love & Potatoes,


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