The first quarter of the year is gone and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that yet. So much happened in it, so much good, some ugly and some downright crazy and no, I am not about to say we live and we learn (even though we do).  Currently 7 books down, 5 books behind but who’s counting? Let’s take stock of March….

Making: use of time in traffic by writing this. If I am done fast enough, I might get started on a piece on exploring Ngare Ndare.

Cooking: …so I am really craving homemade chapos but cooking chapos for one doesn’t make sense so that craving will have to wait till I find my way home.

Drinking; tea, coffee, water and the occasional can of monster.

Eating; biscuits like I am getting paid to.

Reading: rereading The Good Things Around Us. It was my first book this year and I felt like I let all the good writers in there intimidate me, so I am going back and maybe this time, I’ll leave it thinking ‘You can write like that someday.’ Really loving some of the stories I skipped during the first read.

Wearing: today. Ermmm nothing cute to be honest; a pair of dungarees underneath a cozy, mustard hoodie that I stole from a friend and a pair of Northstars from Bata.

Wishing; idk… I am not really one for wishes.

Wanting: for this little piece of the internet that belongs to me, to turn into so much. So much more.

Playing; random playlists on Apple Music. That and Chillhop on YouTube.

Praying; more openly – sometimes.

Listening; to more stuff on SoundCloud. It’s not my favourite platform but it serves great Kenyan gems…

Watching; The Affair on Netflix and for half a minute my mind was a bit messed up with the two POVs… to be honest, I still am but I’ve only watched one and a half episodes so there might still be hope for me.

Loving; Ermmmm I am tempted to say nothing but I bet there are things that move my soul in ways that can be described as love even though I lack the words to do the describing myself.

Enjoying; my body clock. A weird thing to enjoy, I know, but when I find myself wondering ‘What’s up?’ At 6.12am, I think it’s a marvelous thing, especially since I am not a hardcore a morning person.

Needing; to spend some time at the beach. Because we all need some balmy sun in our lives.
If I can go back to Lamu for my birthday, that would be FAB!

Smelling; kashata. Currently nibbling on some. (This need to be at the coast is manifesting itself in so many ways!)

Following; very few things because I enjoy them, a lot feels like duty and that’s not necessarily a great thing.

Knowing; I could use a haircut and proper bleaching services for my hair. (I did get that cut.)

Learning; to hold myself accountable. (Not necessarily the most enjoyable of things.)

Appreciating; kindness.

(Lord, sometimes these words sound so similar)

Feeling; tired and jittery.

Love & Potatoes




Photos courtesy of Emmanuel Clench. 

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