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  • Rest: An Ode to My Burnout

    Rest: An Ode to My Burnout

    It’s nothing deep, I’m exhausted and chose to write about burn out instead of ticking things off my to do list so I can finally rest.

  • Tips and Tricks: A Guide on How to Take Great Photos for Your Instagram

    Tips and Tricks: A Guide on How to Take Great Photos for Your Instagram

    Are you looking to revamp your Instagram or do you simply just need to take great photos for your personal use? Here are tips on how to take great photos.

  • Chasing elephants, a guide.

    Chasing elephants, a guide.

    I spent the last evening of 2018 chasing elephants in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. At some point, I almost gave up. I mean, the sun was almost half way done with the setting business, the conservancy was just about to close for the day and who’s to say that elephants do not have some sunset business […]

  • Taking Stock 2.25

    Taking Stock 2.25

    Hey you,I know it’s been a while since we talked. Actually, the last time I was here, I promised to come on more often and share some good stuff aka my writing *cough* cough* but… well, you know that phrase, ‘Man plans and God laughs…’? That’s exactly what happened. I was kidogo indisposed but I’m […]

  • Taking Stock 2.24

    Taking Stock 2.24

    Hey you, I know it’s been a long while since you caught up. Actually, it’s been a long long while, I haven’t posted here since my birthday- in early December… and while I’m excited to break the silence and hit ‘publish’ on a few waffles/cafe reviews, share with you a list of road trip essentials […]

  • Malindi Dreaming

    Malindi Dreaming

    You take a Friday off, pack your bags on Thursday night, wake up really early on Friday morning, hop on a  plane and proceed to have the weekend of your life. You arrive at the other side of the rainbow joyous and not even the rain or the realization that you forgot your sandals can […]

  • Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock this month finds me at a place at a place of contentment, of feet firmly planting, it’s a continuously process this one… It finds me at a place of accepting the things I need to sit right, to get it right with MY program but also not letting that mar my everyday experience. […]

  • Cravings | by @keedjo

    Cravings | by @keedjo

    I crave… A soft unwavering warmth

  • Taking Stock 2.21

    Taking Stock 2.21

    I’m trying to get into the habit of evaluating my month just as it ends and another begins. The result?  I hope to bring Taking Stock to the beginning of the month, and definitely have my intentions for myself clearer throughout the month. Consequently, we shall grow and glow, ultimately thrive…. rinse and repeat. I […]

  • Surviving The Cutlife

    Surviving The Cutlife

    When you first cut your hair, no one prepares you for the cutlife and the madness that comes with it. Instead, they make jokes about all of it and you don’t mind. You’re oo busy letting water run through your scalp each time you shower to be bothered by ‘shika hii mbao ukanyolewe, na useme […]