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  • Taking Stock 23.1

    Taking Stock 23.1

    The prodigal daughter returns… another take at blogging; a recap of my life and a promise to stay.

  • Hello there…

    Hello there…

    I just spent some time going through my Google Photos. Mostly because I’m running out of space and was like, ‘Why would I be running out of space?’ Well, turns out it’s because there’s a tonne of junk on there, I’ll get to it. But even in the midst of the junk, there are some […]

  • Cravings | by @keedjo

    Cravings | by @keedjo

    I crave… A soft unwavering warmth

  • Taking Stock 2.19

    Taking Stock 2.19

      The first quarter of the year is gone and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that yet. So much happened in it, so much good, some ugly and some downright crazy and no, I am not about to say we live and we learn (even though we do).  Currently 7 […]

  • Taking Stock 2.14

    Taking Stock 2.14

    October is a monumental month for me.