October is a monumental month for me. It’s been an year since I moved out and boy has a tonne happened in that one year! Don’t even get started on the buckets of tears we’ve shed, on the growth that’s still coming through, on the loss of hair (as we wait to be cast on Stranger Things) on the friendships that have been made, rejuvenated and lost (sadly). Point is, a lot has happened in 12 months, let’s take stock of of the past one month.

Making; a habit of returning calls (and realizing that I miss too many of those.)

Cooking; yoh. First of all, I am finally sticking to my meal plan and not surviving almost exclusively on potatoes, homemade or otherwise. When did I become this adult person? I am impressed.

Drinking a tonne of caffeine (so much so that my friend Jade was getting concerned.) Coffee and I, we’ve always been friends, but I keep taking breaks and coming back… really feeling our relationship right now.

Eating; better than I have for most of the year. Speaking of better; my friend Msooh made Kasi and I  this amazing chicken in coconut curry, I think it was coconut curry. Look I was too busy hogging to be sure because that thing was firrrrrreeeeee. Like it’s so good, if I am able to cook it the way she did, guess who’ll marry herself and proceed to live her best life?

Reading; Gabriel Garcia Marquez (it’s okay if you don’t know who he is even though he’s a Nobel Laureate- I didn’t either. Google the man though.) I just finished Memories of Melancholy Whores, I am hoping to storm through One Hundred Years of Solitude over the weekend.

Wearing shorts. The perks of working from home is that on most days dress code is a myth and I have fully taken advantage of this fact by shamelessly turning booty shorts into my new uniform. I smell jealousy, it doesn’t look good on you.

Wishing for travel money.

Wanting so much from whatever is left of this year man. I am ready for greatness, working for greatness.

Playing Emeli Sande’s Long Live The Angles. I couldn’t stop raving about this album as soon as she released it but it just hit me how spiritual it is…and I really, really love it when people can share stuff in regards to their faith without being overbearing.
P.s My friend Marigo has this cool thread of music that’s totally worth checking out.

Listening; to TED Radio Hour, Bookworm and the Guardian’s podcast on books. The last two are mostly because I just started recording my podcast and I am a bag of insecurities. Hoping to learn as I go and hopefully I will.

Watching; at the moment, nothing really. Any recommendations?

Loving chilli & lemon potato crisps with Heinz. (On broke days, in the absence of Heinz, chilli & garlic sauce works just fine.)

Thinking of my Dad a lot lately. I’ll be seeing him over the elections weekend, psyched.

Dreaming of the beach man. I just want to chill on poolside to be honest. I think I might do that in January, I haven’t earned it yet.

Enjoying grating tomatoes. I’ve always prefered to blanch and skin them but that is a tonne of work. Grating works really well, you just have to be careful not to grate your nails.

Needing a tutorial on how to give myself heavenly foot rubs. Seriously. In the meantime though, shea butter and a pair of socks is enough moisturizing TLC for my feet.

Smelling coffee. I’m having my first cup of the day.

Following live deeply rooted on Instagram and African Podcasts on Twitter.

Knowing that it will never really be the right time to do things so I’ll just start and trust myself to see them through and learn as I go.

Appreciating trials. How else do we get stronger without those?

Understanding that you don’t get better without practice. That even things that come easy to me still call for effort.

Feeling like I am the eye of a storm and still oddly calm. Everything that can go wrong has already gone wrong, I am ready for the good to start rolling in. I am also the happiest I have ever been and I was getting concerned then a friend of mine told me, ‘You are rarely happy, it’s okay that you are now. Enjoy it.’ I’m doing just that.

* Be safe tomorrow and through the whole elections weekend.

**Featured Image courtesy of @Miriingu 

Love & Potatoes,


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