Feeling a bit out of it today, so we’ll make this snappy.

Making; a gratitude jar….and a bucket list and a birthday wish; December isn’t really that far away…

Cooking; I don’t think I’ve cooked in a week. I fell ill and my appetite flew out of the window. Wait, making tea counts as cooking, no?

Drinking; water, more water. I had to get a drip last week and my wrist is still sore, sort of… determined to never go back there.

Eating; terribly.

Reading; Chicken Soup For The Soul… A tonne of stuff on Medium and via Pocket.

Wishing; myself a tonne of luck. I’ll be the featured poet at Kwani? Open Mic next month, I haven’t been the featured poet anywhere in a while… I’ll bring the bass, don’t worry, you don’t have to jump; just show up.

Wanting; a copy of Trevor Noah’s ‘Born A Crime’, but I’m settling for a borrowed copy.

Playing; infinite loop on my phone. Super addictive. Currently stuck at level 208.

Listening; to a ton of NPR podcasts, the TED Radio Hour is my current favourite.

Watching; I haven’t watched anything in weeks. Nyambura, what’s happening to you?


Loving; Love is too strong a word.

Enjoying; My nails. I’m sorry, but I am currently in love.

Needing; sleep. My notebook. A homemade burger. Sleep.

Smelling; Coffee, I have an empty mug nearby.

Following; Bookstagram accounts, mostly because I just opened one. Today. Here.

Knowing; that I will be okay, in time. And that’s enough, for now.

Learning; that I am enough.


Understanding; that no one owes me anything.

Realizing; it’s been 6 months since I moved out… yet to get used to paying bills though.

Feeling; tired. Sleepy… Basically paying for going to Blankets jana with the full knowledge that I had to come to work today.

Image Courtesy of @Kimcolloh

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