How are you? Eating your veggies? (I’m always asking David this and the answer is always no- David is the guy that maintains this site for us) I hope you’re not like David and also that September is being kind to you? Speaking of Kindness, I thought I’d be sharing a travel post from Lamu today but I figured packing a whole weekend in heaven into one post is pushing it. So the next two or three posts will be all things island invasion. I’ll get to editing and you, you enjoy Taking Stock.

Making; a template of Taking Stock on my Google Drive so I don’t have to go through the hustle of rewriting the prompts each month. I should have done this sooner seeing that I’ve been filling in this thing for like two years now, maybe more. But do I ever learn?

Cooking; I made the spiciest matoke yesterday, I kid you not, and now I’m convinced I’ve met my culinary quota for the week.

Drinking; lemon water each morning. This is like the most predictable thing about me. P.s I don’t think the lemon really helps with anything but I like the taste.
P.p.s I’ve really cut down on my Fanta intake; Idk if that means I am finally going healthy or I am just broke and soda is a luxury. Who knows. (Insert shrug here.) …or maybe it’s because I’m not really feeling the new Fanta logo.

Eating: too much potatoes. I think it might be a problem (and the source of new relative thiccness.)

Reading; my first John Grisham in the longest time ever! I think it’s been years.

Wearing; the most random things. The other day twas my aunt’s pleated skirt but as a dress, if she saw me, she’d probably pass out.

Wishing; I just want a liter of frozen yoghurt and I’ll be fine.

Wanting; I’m working on the things I want so….


Playing; Nana Fofie’s new single. It’s okay if you need to go Google her, I’ll wait.

Listening; to this new music mix that Apple Music made for me and I can’t help thinking how shit their algorithm must be; I hate just about everything that’s on it.

Watching; Woody Allen movies. Manhattan is my favourite, so far.

Loving; this aloe vera gel that I recently got. It actually smells great and spreads like water. This was rather surprising considering how vile I find the smell (and taste) of the plant itself. Don’t ask what business I had tasting aloe; curiosity and other bad stories.

Thinking; of friends that passed on earlier in the year and realizing that I have no business half assing through this year, I owe them that.

Dreaming; of another trip somewhere fun and idyllic. Soon.

Enjoying; writing that isn’t necessarily creative writing or poetry. Always wanted to try it out, always been afraid to but I am here now…

Needing; this shoes I saw at MRP the other week….and a couple months before that. See, I can practice restraint.

Smelling; eucalyptus oil. I got this body butter with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and eucalyptus oil. It smells like heaven and spreads like melted ice cream. They also have a vanilla option if eucalyptus is too strong for you. I love both. (No one has paid me to sing their praises, I promise.)

Following; that #PizzaFest tag on IG like a circling hawk, looking for the best experiences. Pizza Fest starts tomorrow (the 29th ) and I am clearly ready to add some pizza weight.
#TooEarlyForBirds is also happening tomorrow evening at the Louis Leakey Auditorium, National Museums of Kenya and I am exciteeeeeed. Come through (and say hi?)

Knowing; getting a ‘No’ is better than never daring at all.

Appreciating; sunshine on my skin.

Understanding; that I have the answers. I will never have a question that I can’t answer.

Feeling; right now? Content. For a while all I’ve done is searched and I feel like I am finally at place where I want to build roots, to fortify…
Also quite excited. So much is happening this weekend!

Love & Potatoes,


*** Sauciest of images courtesy of @kg_brian

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