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  • Too Much, Too Fast | @keedjo

    Too Much, Too Fast | @keedjo

    It’s either love out loud, or cold shoulders from me It’s a bear hug or a handshake It’s my tongue down your throat or a half-ass look in your direction It’s too much- for me I want you, a little but in a big way I want to steal your soul by kissing you all […]

  • Second First Date | by @sofaphilosopher

    Second First Date | by @sofaphilosopher

    An awkward silence hangs between us, a pregnant silence which never precipitates. Like storm clouds gathering only to dissipate. The conversation moves along haltingly you shift, uneasy, in your chair. You clear your throat; self-consciously you pat your perfect hair. I don’t know who you are I who once knew you so well – Now […]

  • Know You | by @Sofaphilosopher

    Know You | by @Sofaphilosopher

    The night before we’ll buy supplies. We’ll start out very early. We’ll drive off into the sunrise for somewhere quaint and distant; somewhere quaint, distant and lonely. We’ll park somewhere off the road, and leave our cellphones in the car – the world can make do without us for a little while. We’ll get the […]

  • It’s a beautiful story, really | @Mwass_

    It’s a beautiful story, really | @Mwass_

    I loved her because she was simple and understated. She was like a plain white v neck; timeless with a hint of unintentional glory and perfect for sunny Sunday afternoons. We had come so far, we were headed even further. I pictured the future with her by my side. Always. Like a pistol on a […]

  • The Good, The Byes and The Goodbyes | by @azizmola

    The Good Have you watched Aziz Ansari’s skit on modern day dating or read all the articles on Thought Catalog about the same? If you have, then maybe you’re single and can relate to most of what is being said. If not, you’ve probably met someone and you don’t see what all the fuss is […]

  • Ya’aburnee |by @manlymanharry

    Ya’aburnee |by @manlymanharry

    Emotion is a strong word. And so too is the word landslide. A landslide is an avalanche, but in a place that knows not snow. It is earth, rock, debris from the dreams you didn’t follow through, dinosaur bones, and, death. Emotion and landslide met in a dimly lit bar, hit it off and then […]

  • Ships Have Been Wrecked Here |By @kelvinKaesa

    Ships Have Been Wrecked Here |By @kelvinKaesa

    There will be days like this; She will hold you hostage by the curve of her smile She will say “I love you” and mean it with her every breathe; Like a sufi poet Like the walls of a cave giving in she will break at your lips She will lay her soul at the […]