It’s either love out loud, or cold
shoulders from me
It’s a bear hug or a handshake
It’s my tongue down your throat or a half-ass look in your direction
It’s too much- for me

I want you, a little but in a big way
I want to steal your soul by kissing you all over
I want to know what you do when the world is not looking
I want to know if I’m your world

I’m going to run too fast towards you
I’m going to light up the whole sky
And the same love that made my heart dance is going to burn me right out.
Then I’ll crash right there in your bed.

So why don’t you make me wait,
Make me go slower, love gentler
Love me firmer, tougher…
So why don’t you, say a little prayer for me


@keedjo (Rachael) is an aspiring minimalist who loves to laugh and make stimulating (read stupid) conversation. The average day will find her obsessing over some shade of lipstick or piece of African literature. Read more from Rae here

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