There will be days like this;
She will hold you hostage by the curve of her smile
She will say “I love you” and mean it with her every breathe;
Like a sufi poet
Like the walls of a cave giving in
she will break at your lips
She will lay her soul at the tip of your tongue so you know,
that girls like her love like open seas, boundless
Their veins are gushing tides
Their presence heavy with the scent of sea-salt and eight continents
So do not assume that you can conquer her
waistline at the tip of your fingers

Ships have been wrecked here.


Kelvin Kaesa

Kaesa identifies as a small boy in a big city, writing for those with hearts the size of hot air balloons. He is a poet, a creative (he is the awesome dude behind our logo) and at 24, he is  still human.

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