Taking Stock 2.0

Taking Stock has been this template that I have been filling in (thanks to MeetMeatMikes) for a little over and a half years. For half that time, I considered dropping the template from the blog. Which is sort of funny, because after I lost the old site and all the content in it ‘Taking Stock’ is the only part of the blog that I had 100% backed up on my end. Enough with the boring stories, I am glad you are here- let’s take some inventory.

Making; a conscious effort to get high quality images, have you noticed? Kaesa introduced me to these two sites ( this one and this one. I will be eternally grateful.)

Cooking: up some crazy projects (for the blog) that I really cannot wait to share with you.

Drinking:  tea, tea is always a constant.I have also recently  taken up that recommended 8 glasses of water (two litres) a day, which is cute when I am sipping and telling myself that I am on the road to flawless. Well, until it is time for the hourly bathroom breaks.

Reading: lithub.com (on a daily basis), ‘Gone Girl’ is the book of the week and I am also rereading ‘Angels’s Ashes’ which I read in high school and also happens to be my best book of all time.

Wanting; so much out of life, but travel and moving out definitely top that list man.

Playing; Ed Sheeran’s X album everyday before bed. I think it soothes me.

Wasting; no time apologizing about my hair.

Sewing: it’s always knitting man. But I am currently just messing with designs.

Enjoying; making my bed, for the first time in my life this does not feel like punishment!!! Does that mean I have a chance at this adulting business? Also, Pinterest.  Pinterest is life…and the sole realm in which my yoga career exists.

Liking; watching new people make a positive impact my life. I am learning to be more respectful, which is crazy because like two weeks ago- I was sure I was respectful enough, it was not even a concern. flat lay images are also another thing that I am currently into.

Loving; ‘Gone Girl’ more than I thought I would when I started reading it.

Dreaming; of travel, lots and lots of travel. And an apartment. But first, stability…

Hoping; that you love the new site as much as I do. Do you? I really hope you do.
Speaking of the new site; I’ll be publishing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, every week. And Taking Stock will be first Sunday of each month.

Marveling; at nothing really, not at the moment.

Needing; a new phone. This one is just about ready to fall apart.

Smelling; fresh nail polish. My niece is playing with a bunch of pots close by.

Wearing; glittery grey nail polish on my toes; it feels like an adventure.

Following; the Chain Smokers on just about every platform, after listening to this song.

Knowing; myself way more than I did a few months ago… which feels like such a conquest because does anyone really know themselves completely?

Feeling; way lighter…and happy…and grateful. Grateful for my few friends especially.





6 responses to “Taking Stock 2.0”

  1. Kaesa Avatar

    i dig that song…the trap nation remix is my fave 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8XIgR5OGJc

    1. veon Avatar

      I am yet to hear that version, let me check it out.

  2. Cate Kabura Avatar
    Cate Kabura

    I live for this segment…

    Also, you have a plan for your blog, jealous much. Also, also, I love your hair.

  3. Njeri Kareithi Avatar
    Njeri Kareithi

    “Wasting; no time apologizing about my hair.”…India Arie, that you?

    1. veon Avatar

      hahaha you never know…

  4. Ciryan. Avatar

    Gone girl.Chain smokers.Need I say much?

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