Taking Stock 2.22

Taking Stock this month finds me at a place at a place of contentment, of feet firmly planting, it’s a continuously process this one… It finds me at a place of accepting the things I need to sit right, to get it right with MY program but also not letting that mar my everyday experience. Let’s check this inventory before I rumble on, shall we? 

Making plans. At this point in my life, I’ve realized I plan out everything. If it’s not in the list of plans, it’s not getting done…

Cooking… ermmm I haven’t cooked in about a fortnight, give or take. Wait, does tea/coffee

Drinking hot water all the damn time. Shout out my digestive system, we doing good my people?

Eating… at the moment, nibbling on an apple core. This happens on most mornings…

Reading: Good to Great by Jim Collins. I picked it up while I was away this past weekend. It’s not my kind of book, at least not at this point in my career so I think I’ll be putting it down for good.

Wearing… a man’s shirt and blue jeans tucked into boots. I feel like a Laikipia expat, someone please point me to my ranch…


Wanting a serious gadgets upgrade. This might happen on my birthday, or it might not…

Playing that Mr. Eazi jam about going down like economy…

Listening to Revisionist History, the podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. It feels weird to consume the podcast without reading his writing first, but who says there’s a particular order for these things?

Watching nothing at the moment. I’m realizing that i’m not that visual a person. So much so that I spend more time scrolling looking for something to watch, than actually watching anything.

Loving the smell of a Satsuma shower gel from Body Shop, I’m about to run out and that doesn’t make me happy at all.

Thinking a lot, but in a very introspective way. I currently like my thinking process and how I make sense of things and/or break them down but… my interactions with other people might be suffering.

Dreaming of travel. I know, I just got back from Malindi this Sunday evening (blogpost coming up in the next few days) and that trip did me a lot of good but I’m still like, you cannot get enough travel…

Enjoying my own company.

Needing eermmmm , do we have enough space for this? Do we really? I mean really? How much time do y’all have to read my list of needs x wants ‘cause lines get blurry at some point, you know? On the real though… can my skin just behave and my bank account cooperate?
Also, a proper set of earphones would be nice, can I steal yours?

Smelling like almond oil body butter. It smells so good, I’m not buying bread lest I find myself using it as a spread.

Following this is a weird one.

Knowing too much coffee is not good for me but still getting another cp like the proper idiot I am. Who shall we blame for all of this anxiety? Not me, definitely not me.

Appreciating… not appreciating how mad my skin is trynna be. Listen, I run you, so you better cooperate. But seriously, isn’t hormonal acne just the worst???

Understanding we’re all on different journeys (and learning happens on the way, the destination is just perks.)

Feeling… the coffee has kicked in proper, so you know I’m kidogo anxious. But I am also content with the bulk of things in my life (while wanting to flip the other half like you would a pancake.)

Also, mad proud of Miss Kadzitu for elevating her producer game and taking a show to Broadway. What Kenyan producer has done that at 25? This chic has just decided to shine on us and it’s fine! It’s better than fine, actually.


Styling : @koolstuff.shop

Photographer: @sirglenbryson


4 responses to “Taking Stock 2.22”

  1. Quest Avatar

    You forgot a line…in September you switched to 24hrs system. Clock now reads 1632hrs. Thank you V.

  2. Veon Ngugi Avatar
    Veon Ngugi

    ???????????? you forget I thought 1700hrs is 1pm!?

  3. Diana Giteru Avatar
    Diana Giteru

    Just discovered your blog. I loooove it ❤️

    Also hormonal acne is the worst ????

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you. I live for new readers!

      It’s really is the worst! hope it gets better at some point.

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