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  • Taking Stock 2.23

    Taking Stock 2.23

    I’m not sure what inspired Nike’s slogan ‘Just do it!’ but I’ve found that taking it literally works. For instance, I’d convinced myself my to do list is too packed for me to blog and started adding this blog post on to that list over lunch but halfway through, my brain went ‘Or you could […]

  • Malindi Dreaming

    Malindi Dreaming

    You take a Friday off, pack your bags on Thursday night, wake up really early on Friday morning, hop on a ┬áplane and proceed to have the weekend of your life. You arrive at the other side of the rainbow joyous and not even the rain or the realization that you forgot your sandals can […]

  • Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock this month finds me at a place at a place of contentment, of feet firmly planting, it’s a continuously process this one… It finds me at a place of accepting the things I need to sit right, to get it right with MY program but also not letting that mar my everyday experience. […]