Taking Stock 2.09

So, I’ve had what feels like a wind of a month. I got on a train for the first time ever, ever. I climbed a mountain (we shall dedicate a whole post to this) I had a house guest for a week and surprised myself by enjoying it (I didn’t imagine killing them! I think Veon has been kidnapped and aliens have taken over her body and this blog.) Then I went to a poetry gig I did not enjoy at all, went to another that I totally loved. Then I had an epiphany…no, I didn’t, just a review. Speaking of reviews; toying with the idea of spewing movie spoilers here, like this one for instance (Lamborghini On Ice), and if you and I both like it…I’ll keep at it, if not… we’ll figure that out later. In the meantime; here’s inventory.

Making; a meal plan for the week. I recently lost 6kgs (I thought it was 4, but shock on me) I am determined to gradually regain them without growing fat…because I am clearly vain.

Cooking; more proteins.

Drinking; water with limes each morning. Apparently, I prefer them to lemons. (They’re also cheaper if you buy a bag at Tuskys, but let’s pretend it’s the taste that has got me here.)

Eating; ermmm slightly more…okay, just more protein but probably same amount as always.

Reading; poorly. So much so that I actually made a promise to myself to set aside an hour each day. So far it’s working, also it’s day 2 and I have a lovely dog bitten copy of Born A Crime. (There’s nothing lovely about dog bites, let no one fool you.)

Wishing; we agreed I’ve outgrew this forever ago.

Wanting; So many things. But mostly a seat at a number of tables. Now to earn it…

Playing; Zayn Malik’s ‘Fool For You’. I write beautifully to his music, or so I think. Point is, he’s centered so it’s hard to listen to him and be cluttered.

Listening; to Stuff You Should Know, Radiolab, TED Radio Hour and Note To Self. Clearly obsessed with podcasts, with good reason. Considering getting back to listening to The Spread too, (the one by Nini Wacera & Kaz)

Watching; an episode of Being Mary Jane each week…when I remember to…I think I’ll rewatch Abstract in coming weeks, bits of it keeping coming back to me. I wonder if they’ll bother producing a second season.

Wasting; no time sending applications left, right and everywhere. There are so many online classes for creatives, I am floored! (Yet to get the courage to apply for writers awards and fellowships.)

Loving; emails. I realise that sounds hideous and possibly psycho so I won’t even bother explaining.

Enjoying; playing dress up. Isn’t that like the best part about being an adult? I think so, because clearly taxes are not…

Needing; more closet space. Wait, can you ever have enough? And more hangers (these I know you cannot ever have enough off.)

Smelling; scent off this Dark (k)night lipstick by Sephora. I got a tube from Rae, I sit opposite Rae at work but YOU can talk to her on Facebook ( Make Up By ChicaParis)
Following; Guy Raz. His interviewing skills are up there with Zane Lowe’s. (Did you see Lowe’s interview with Ed Sheeran? Making your subject that comfortable definitely has to be the dream. It’s mine.)

Knowing; sometimes punches aren’t meant to knock you down, just make you stronger- if you want to be.

Learning; to not take No for an answer. (still a work in progress, rejection is a bitch.)
Also, trying to learn not to curse, you can see how well that is working.

Appreciating; friendships that appreciate my madness. Self censorship is not my greatest strength.

Understanding; that I will outgrow people and people will outgrow me. It’s okay to do things at your own pace; just don’t be too slow V.

Realizing; that it’s not enough to ask questions. (Following through is where the work is.)

Feeling; scared and exhilarated and disappointed and impatient too…and muscle soreness(yes, I am declaring that a feeling.


Image courtesy of @MohaBig (who happens to be my favorite photographer; he also hasn’t shot me in months ????????????????)





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    Eddy Mwanza

    I like

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    Lovely one indeed

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      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you Alvin

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