Taking Stock 2.04

October went down and boy, am I glad it’s over! Super glad. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to the first Monday of December (hello 23), but in the meantime, shall we live in the present and work on not making November jealous; by Taking (some) Stock?
I pray time has been good to you and yours. X

Making: plans. I feel like this part of Taking Stock is always about me and my planner.

Cooking: pasta for supper, tonight. Was supposed to make that last night, but Kendi and I went to #ADanceOfWords last night and well, besides having greasy pizza (which I thoroughly hogged) we had the time of our lives.

Drinking: not as much water as I’d like.

Eating: ermm, more and more fruits. I tried the fruitarian diet last week, you might have noticed that on my Instagram stories (yes that was a shameless plug ) and I think I failed at it seeing how on day three I was ready to beg for a bag of fries. Failing at fruitarianism aside, I am consuming more fruits than usual so I guess there was a win somewhere in there. (I might give fruitarianism a second try soon.)

Reading: Harlan Coben’s Play Dead, this week and I am thoroughly loving it.

Wishing: for nothing. I feel like, I don’t know, I might have outgrown wishes- does that even make sense?

Wanting: My portrait (that I forgot in Rongai during my move last month) to magically appear in my house, a copy of Shonda Rhimes’ ‘A Year Of Yes’, a bottle of Flirt green apple (what is shame?), cute notebooks, wooden crates, a bomber jacket from Stephen Otieno’s Monoxcrome line and a TATTOO.

Playing: James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ whenever I need to write. Yes, that’s the same jam from Taking Stock 2.03 and it gets me in the mood.

Listening: to Phy’s Paradise, which is hands off my favourite jam off her Phylosophy album. Totally love Phy (& her music) but then again, who doesn’t?

Watching: Shonda Rhimes’ Ted Talk on saying yes. Her oratory skills are exquisite, and as usual, so are her ideas. I mean, this woman birthed Grey’s Anatomy… I think everyone ought to watch it; in fact, if it’s the only prompt you follow from this post, watch the video.

Wasting: …I don’t want to be honest and say ‘time’.


Loving: I am questioning love and the capacity to love, more than I am loving- which feels like such a shitty thing to say, so I feel the need to add that I am loving too- things (& people) that scare me.

Enjoying: the silence in my house.

Dreaming; not enough of this is happening.

Hoping: for positivity, and the ability to find it, to seek it in a world that is bent on crushing it.

Planning: world domination; I KID!! (or do I?)

Marveling: at my love for Wizkid. (Yes, I realize I am a little late to the party, and this post feels like it should’ve just been devoted to music.)

Needing: to love without fear. To understand when it is okay to give up on people, ideas, dreams even…is it ever time?

Smelling: vanilla. I just had the most beautiful muffin ever; it tasted just as exquisitely as it looked.

Wearing: some amazing glasses and this lovely set of silver midi rings! I’m not big on jewelry, but I am never taking this stuff off please. (Wasai gifted them, she’s the real MVP dude!)

Following: no TV show at the moment; I want to get

Knowing (realizing): that I need to step up.

Feeling: everything.


Image courtesy of @Mohabig (you want to check him out)





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  1. AK Avatar

    This is brilliant. If you ever have a version with guests I’m first in line!

    1. veon Avatar

      Hey, who knows. maybe I will.

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