September was good to you, yes? Is your soul thawing to the vibrations of October’s heat? Have you found love swimming at the bottom of an empty tea cup? Does your soul feel like a parachute?  Should I stop it with the fake poetry and dive into Taking Stock? Yeah? Let’s do that…

Making: plans, to live the life I desire- right now.

Cooking: if it can be cooked in a pan; I am cooking it. Having said that, I make terrible pancakes.

Drinking: a glass of water first thing each morning. It’s not doing shit for my skin, but knowing I am doing something that’s good for me gets me in such a good mood. I literally live for that one hour before adulting kicks in.

Eating: terribly these last few days.

Reading: Jeff Koinange’s ‘Through My African Eyes’. I actually picked it up a few weeks ago, then Dad begun to read it…then my sister jumped on the queue so I started (re)reading it afresh jana. (Good things happen to those that wait.) I have so much to say about it (never mind that I am on page 87), I think I should save that for the book review; yes, no, maybe?

Wishing: for nothing, is that odd? I feel like it ought to be.

Wanting: so much out of this life dude! So much in the now!

Playing: James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ over and over… all about those feels.

Listening: to ‘We Cut Keys While You Wait’ so much, I should just download the damn EP! But Lord, please tell me I am not the only one that’s excited about Blinky Bill’s concert in Nov… (p.s How lit is the Kenyan music scene on SoundCloud though???)

Wasting: little.


Loving: the mad souls from #UjiCrew. Fragility has never been so beautiful. …then there’s the little issue of taking over a friend’s wedding and turning it into a concert.

Enjoying: clarity.

Dreaming: of shopping for my house; now to go rob a bank…

Hoping: stability in chaos. It’s impossible to create in the absence of chaos (at least that’s how it feels for me) and I just want to always know my soul with as much clarity as I do right now.

Planning: everything. The micro-manager in me is out to play.

Marveling: at nothing. I feel like marveling calls for a special kind of beauty and I am not in the presence of that, right this minute.

Needing: to love without fear.

Smelling: nothing; there’s a fan in my face.

Wearing: the cutest dungaree dress you ever saw; I look 6.

Following: XIXO Colllective, and that has little to do with the fact that one of them took the featured image above, I kid.

Knowing: that I do not know much, but I know what I do not know so maybe that’s a start?

Feeling: grateful… For the people in my life. For #UjiCrew. For The Intricacies of friendship. For the humans that made it to Kwani? Open Mic this month; that performance was such a tiny thing but it echos monumentally, thank you.

Image courtesy of @rootsofafrika 

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