To be a woman is..
To breath quietly,
To let your heart beat but not too loud
Because you never know who or what’s listening..

To be a woman is..
To walk fast but silently,
To take longer strides constantly looking around you because you never know who’s following..

To be a woman is..
To love blindly and still keep your eyes wide open because, sweetheart, who knows when love is gonna strike you dead like lightning?

To be a woman is..
To live with fear
To not trust
To be cautious of your surroundings
To feel vulnerable wherever, whenever
To strive hard not to conform with society
To be a woman is..
A scary place to be

Nyokabi, the little lady with a great love for music has written on this blog before; first guest post of the year (What Will You Do). You can read more of her work on music here (Unsung Songstars).

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