Love me quietly
Should I love you back,
Love me quietly

I have been dreaming of things that we could be
Each time,
I close my eyes to the hallucinations of your whispers
I want to get to know you,
Simmer at the mercy of your hands and watch my body turn into an ocean;
Swim in me
My legs are not a thirst trap,
But should you come willingly;
I will let you get caught between them
When that happens,
Turn into a candle,
And let me shave to the feel of your memory.

I want to love you loudly, for a short minute
I want to consume till all that is left of you is a coat of sweat on my body
I want to feel you trickle down
Feel my body cleanse in your existence
I want to lay you down on a bed of roses
So you can die,
While I find glory in the short lived happiness you’ll give.

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