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One of the most  misunderstood countries is Egypt. When I first expressed my interest to go there, many spoke of how dangerous my idea was, yet I stayed there for two good months, safe and sound!

Flight to Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is a spectacularly beautiful country with cultural gems. It is safe, the ocean is peaceful, the beaches are very clean, the people are always friendly, all the children are super cute!

Little ones dipped in chocolate.
Egypt has very clean beaches

Now that we’ve gotten that ‘unsafe vibe’ out of the way, let’s get to the precious things held by Egypt; here you go!

10. Go on an adventure to The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are the world’s first skyscrapers and the last remaining wonder of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

Up close with the Pyramids

For thousands of years, the Pyramids have prompted fantastic myths and legends as well as real and baffling scientific riddles. Going on an adventure to the pyramids of Giza is mandatory!

The Pyramids stand watching over Cairo

9.  Cruise along The Nile

There are dozens of options for Nile cruises. The most wonderful cruise is the one that moves from Aswan to Luxor and makes a couple of stop overs in Edfu, Kom Ombo and Nuba.

Inside MS Grand Rose

Yo, cruises are incredible! The only way to find out, is to go one.

8. Ride on a hot air balloon in Luxor

Wonderful panoramic views and astounding altitudes await when you take on the scenic hot air balloon ride over The West Bank in Luxor. Catching the sunrise is a guarantee!

Sunrise over the fascinating Nile

The woven wicker vessels carry you to the highest heights to see Egypt’s amazing landscape from awe-inspiring angles.

View from the hot air balloon

Riding the hot air balloon experience will be a memory  you’ll never forget. The thrill of floating through the air is an experience like no other!

7.Scuba dive in The Red Sea

There are those activities that change you in many ways. Scuba diving is certainly one of them. The experience underwater has this lasting effect on how you experience the world above. Dahab is Egypt’s most treasured diving destination and is one of the two cities in Egypt you can get to check scuba diving off your bucket list. The other city is Hurghada.

Dahab, Egypt

The aesthetic beauty of life underwater is incomparable!

Immediately I experienced scuba diving, I blogged about the 8 life lessons that I learnt from scuba diving. You may read it here.

6. Hike Mount Sinai

Saint Catherine ( Mt.Sinai) is majestic and is rich in history and religious significance. The view at the summit is totally worth it.

First light at Mount Sinai

You begin the ascent at midnight. For experienced climbers, hiking Sinai is child’s play. For novice hikers, the mountain is slightly challenging and needs some degree of physical fitness. The route is well mapped out and makes everything very easy.

Boy in Sinai, Egypt

5. Go on a desert safari in The Sahara

There’s a higher probability that you have experienced the desert safari in Dubai. Egypt offers the same exhilarating escapade in the Sahara. Now you know!

Sahara Desert, Egypt

4. Explore the only waterfall in Egypt

Wadi El Rayan in Fayoum is the only waterfall in Egypt.  A trip to Egypt would not be complete without a trip to the only waterfall it has.

Wadi El Rayan waterfall shot at midday

How breathtaking is it to find a cool spot in the middle of the desert?

Wadi El Rayan waterfall shot in the evening

3. Read at The Library of Alexandria

The library of Alexandria is the world’s most famous library of Classical antiquity. It has a rich history, amazing architecture but reading inside there is the real experience! Do it!

Inside the Library of Alexandria

2.  Siwa Oasis

Most of Egypt is dry but the never ending deserts own much more than dry sand and lack of life. The desire of life is manifested in the numeorous oases. Siwa Oasis is one of them and it will surely amaze you!

Siwa Oasis
Sunset at Siwa Oasis

1. Experience Downtown Cairo

Downtown is the beating heart of Cairo’s life. Aside from the perpetual hooting by drivers in Cairo, it is well characterised by its amazing architecture and numerous cafes with locals engaging in loud conversations over shisha.

Downtown Cairo
Downtown Cairo at night
Cairo at night

There you go, 10 things you have to do when in Egypt.  (In no particular order of course.)



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