Taking Stock 2.21

I’m trying to get into the habit of evaluating my month just as it ends and another begins. The result?  I hope to bring Taking Stock to the beginning of the month, and definitely have my intentions for myself clearer throughout the month. Consequently, we shall grow and glow, ultimately thrive…. rinse and repeat.

I recently had the chance to shoot with a bunch of my favourite photogs (+1 I hadn’t met before) throw in two other kickass models and Koolstuff.shop gave me one hella dreamy Saturday afternoon. The photos used here are from that particular shoot, this set was photographed by MohaBig.

Now, shall we take stock?

Making: my intentions for the month (and gradually, the rest of the year) clear to myself. Are ¾ years resolution a thing?

Cooking: more. Look, I actually have a meal plan for the first time in forever and I am paying attention to it and packing lunch and what not. Guys, what I am saying here is, I’m finally an adult.

Drinking: half a liter of water (with a fresh squeezed lemon) first thing each morning. It helps me meet my quarter, and kinda gets my systems up and well, not running but you get the idea, yes?

Eating: lots of small portions distributed across my day.

Reading: links from my bookmarks, otherwise… please send books.

Wearing: today? Dungarees and a beanie. I totally feel like the funkiest kid in the room.

Wishing; I’m currently not wishing. There’s a bunch of stuff I currently are living through that I’ve wanted/needed for months and to wish for more without taking a moment to enjoy them would just be greedy.
But also, a direct deposit would be nice.

Wanting: for everyone in my life to win and to mend a few things.

Needing: the iPhone 8+ I was telling you guys about last month? I’m still down, universe…

Praying: with gratitude and for the people in my life.

Playing:.Eminem’s Kamikaze. Peer pressure is real.

Listening: playing and listening are kinda the same thing, no?

Watching: Nothing. Wait, actually… watching Janet Jackson’s Made For Now video on a daily basis. I’m on meds and that’s my dosage.

Loving: errrrrrrrr myself?

Enjoying: typing out this post (I kid you not!) I hope my current good vibes get to you, in a good way.

Smelling:black vanilla, hello body must my old friend…

Following: Shall we get back to this in a few.

Knowing:that this is just the beginning. 🙂

Learning: so much… is it me or the more you learn, the more you realize you didn’t/don’t know much to begin with?

Appreciating: love, in its 36 shades.

Understanding: that self sabotaging is a thing, it shouldn’t be a thing.

Feeling: blessed



Sunglasses, watch and boots courtesy of @koolstuff.shop (IG)

Photography; @MohaBig (IG)

Love & Potatoes,







2 responses to “Taking Stock 2.21”

  1. John Nasaye Avatar

    You are looking quite delish! And is that a Casio Illuminator you are wearing?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! to the good vibes. I receive.

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you. Yes, that’s a Casio on my wrist.

      Good vibes exist to be spread. 🙂

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