Taking Stock 2.20

Taking Stock here for the first time in about quarter. Not much has changed, well, if you over look my niece’s influence on my music and movie choices. Speaking of young kids, anyone know where I can buy a brick game in Nairobi?

Making: an effort to post a bit more regularly on Instagram now that I’m totally back online. Baby steps…

Cooking: lemon and ginger tea because this flu just won’t let me be.

*on the day we took these photos Muthoni  ( @thiskenyanvegan on IG) made chapos with the best lentil stew I’ve ever had.

Drinking; that same tea…

Eating: avocados like I’m getting paid to. Literally slapping them onto everything; a plate of rice & beans, toast… I don’t think they belong in fruit salads though.

Reading: Justin Haythe’s The Honeymoon. More like struggling through it; send better books please.

Wearing: a jacket over a hoodie, over a tank… I mentioned the flu is doing a number on me, yes?

Wishing; myself a great week.

Wanting: The iPhone 8+ and a Moment lens. The wishlist is ready, now to break into a bank.

Needing: to travel. I’m itching to go somewhere, anywhere at this point… the beach would be great but I willing to settle for a roadtrip.


Playing: the Finding Dory soundtrack.

Listening; to In My Feelings a few times each day because I made the mistake of introducing my niece to the Kiki challenge. I’m paying for it by giving into her ‘Tata eka song ya Kiki…’

Watching; Finding Dory, Despicable Me (2010 and 2013) Angry Birds and Peppa Pig. I’m taking the challenge to be a cool aunt rather seriously, if you can’t tell.

Loving; how responsive my skin is to TLC. The Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit daily scrub & moisturizer are trusted companions, so is sunscreen (whether or not you can see the sun!)

Enjoying; lofi music channels on YouTube.

Smelling; Nothing. My nose is on a sabbatical thanks to the flu.

Following; Mitchelle Adagala’s fitness journey and questioning how/why I struggle with 8kg dumbbells. My body and I need to have a talk.

Knowing; that I nothing. Not in the cute, philosophical Plato way but like… whew, specialize in something child.

Learning; to be a lil more nuanced.

Appreciating; family and friends like family.

Understanding that everything is fleeting.

Feeling; hopeful.



Photos by Muthoni Gitau, this Kenyan vegan.





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