Taking Stock 2.12

There are two kinds of neighbours that no one should have the misfortune of having. One is a Nigerian one, especially if it’s more than one Nigerian in that house. They are louddddd oh boy… The second kind of terrible neighbours is a mugithi fanatic. Mugithi is and can be great music (depending on how you like your potatoes) but mugithi fanatics believe on flipping the door wide open when their fave song comes on, moving the volume to max and dancing on the corridor, never mind that you can’t really dance to mugithi. I have a mugithi lover and two Nigerian brothers for neighbours, keep me in your prayers.

Before we jump into the inventory, I know I haven’t posted much in the last two much. A few of you reached out (thank you) I needed to take care of some things and myself but I am back now with a few potentially juicy stories. 🙂 Now about that Taking Stock…

Making: plans for these empty wine bottles I’ve had for like an year. I’m about to turn into your favourite DIY queen, as soon as I figure out what kinda glue to use.

Cooking; I made githeri last night. No one took a photo of me though, that’s how I missed out on a making a fortune. (list that as one of the cons of living alone. )

Drinking; passion juice from this brand called PEP, it’s the dilute to taste kind but the story here is that I thought it would be trash because it was really cheap but it isn’t and guess who’s now an addict? (and also in poor people heaven because this economy is not her mothers?)
P.s I was drowning fried potatoes in chilli and garlic sauce when I realized that PEP is actually short for Peptang. It’s okay if you want to facepalm, I’ll wait.

Eating: refer to the cooking bit answer for clarification.
P.s my cookie jar has been empty for so long, I am using it to store serviettes. Yes, you are allowed to facepalm at that too. I’ll take a couple of chocolate chip cookies once you are done.

Reading; reading ‘Time Was Soft There’ by Jeremy Mercer. It’s actually not my copy, we went to a friend’s house for a random plot (friend of a friend in my case) and I solicited this book out of the owner. At some point I was at a club entrance holding onto the book and my phone trying convince a bouncer that I am legal.

Wearing; this oversize promo tshirt that I stole from my best friend’s house, black tights and patapata by Bata.


Wanting; water freaking pressure! As in!
There are more things on this list but first…

Playing; games with my heart. (If you just sang along to that, I hope you are married with three kids and | or touring the world like your life depends on it.)

Praying: a lot lately. Not as much as I probably should, but we are getting there. Speaking of prayers, what secret ingredient do mums sprinkle on theirs because I totally want in (without necessarily having to be a mum.).
Also, I went to Worship In The Wild last Saturday and holly molly! Catholic hymns are nice but protestants and their praise and worship sessions! Kidogo kidogo and I might cross over.

Listening; to this really cool playlist. It’s like 6 hours of really amazing jams, so I suggest you hack into someone’s apple Music if you have to, it’s worth it!
P.s why is MNEK so underrated and when is Phy dropping new music?

Watching; The Sopranos, after fearing I’d die from FOMO but I might not finish watching it… Also, I recently started watching Harry Potter. I know… I actually need to get back to that, left it at the beginning of the 5th one, I think.

Loving; myself. Really tempted to add ‘like nobody can’ but I am feeling hella humble today.

Enjoying; masturdating. I haven’t been in a while though but self love is more than sitting in a coffee shop…

Needing; refer to last month’s list, here.

Smelling; Dabur’s Coconut Oil, the kind with amla, always loved that smell on my hair.

Following; and thanking God for Mutua Matheka’s second Instagram account. How can one man create so much goodness. I have a bunch more fave Instagrammers, I actually made a thread on Twitter a month or so ago, unfortunately, I can no longer trace it.

Knowing; I need to sort my sleeping schedule soon. Discipline has been through the window these past few weeks.

Appreciating; friendships now more than ever.

Understanding; Jon Snow and I have something in common; I know nothing. Also, shall we talk about Little Finger’s death? I didn’t see that coming. Alafu, the wall? How? As in?

Feeling; panicky. I am anticipating something and the wait is driving me mad.

Love & Potatoes,



*** Featured Image, Paradise Lost by Yours Truly.





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  1. Njeri Avatar

    Found this today at 6:00a.m.and loving it.

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Love to you Njeri.

      P.s Taking Stock is a whole series, you bumped onto the 12th post, there are a few more after and 11 or so before this one. 🙂

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