Taking Stock 2.11

Who takes care of you? When your body is a pile of rocks and your soul cannot survive the waves, who do you run to? Clearly, this month’s Taking Stock caught me in a mood. But what is a mood? Let’s pay attention to inventory, shall we?


Making: or attempting to make a checklist. What do you pack for a (non-romantic) weekend getaway? Yes, I realise it’s only Monday.

Cooking: quite a bit. I was an uninvited guest at (this one’s) house last week. I did a lot of cooking, well, more than I do when I am alone.

Drinking; fruit juice. I am shocked by how little a liter of juice is.

Eating; so much potatoes, you’d think I was afraid they’d run out. But then again, warus are life.

Reading: Teju Cole’s Known and Strange Things. Second time reading it, didn’t finish doing so the first time, so I started afresh…

Wearing: my hair really, really short. It’s taking sometime to get used to, like I have so many questions… but I am loving it so there’s that.

Wishing; I know I said I no longer believe in wishes, this has since changed. Wishing adulting was easier.

Wanting: a tonne of books and a new laptop, my current one is a relic with the speed of a snoozing relic. Oh, and to believe good | great things when they are said to me or of me…

Playing; a lot of stuff from Zane Lowe’s World Records playlist. Still obsessing on the man. Brilliance is beautiful.

Praying; for tranquility.

Listening; to the highway. I can hear it from my house and in my head, that’s the sound of speed.

Watching; great things happen to people I know and being really, genuinely happy for them. The downside, is that I keep questioning when my turn will be. Not because I don’t want great things happening to others, but because I want great things too.

Loving; having short hair for the first time in close to two decades. I was so scared of the hair clippers the first time but now I think I am getting the hang of it. (Only been to the barbershop twice ????????‍♀️)The downside is that I feel like my face (and its imperfections) are being highlighted.

Enjoying; ermmm idk

Needing; a new laptop like yesterday.

Smelling; peppermint (from my body butter.)

Following; this Telegram channel that was randomly shared with me.

Knowing; getting started is the hard bit…

Learning; to not conform. To take pride in being. (pretty hard lesson.)

Appreciating; my privilege. The little that’s left of it.

Understanding; that no one owes me nothing.

Feeling; excited. I was literally flying off the walls this morning. I won a weekend trip to Lamu, courtesy of Swahiligal and Skyward and boy am I happy! Never been to Lamu so you can imagine how excited I am. The trip is this weekend, I plan on taking a million photos; you might want to block me on social lest you get spammed.

P.s theVeon.co.ke just turned one recently (first post went up on the 4th of July 2016.) I’ll be launching a really cool addition to celebrate. Can’t wait to share.

Featured image courtesy of @MohaBig

Love, Laugh & Potatoes





7 responses to “Taking Stock 2.11”

  1. Bunnet Ayorekire Avatar
    Bunnet Ayorekire

    Great read, The Veon.

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you Bunnet.

  2. Tambien Avatar


    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you Tambien.

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  4. karista Avatar

    “Who takes care of you? When your body is a pile of rocks and your soul cannot survive the waves, who do you run to?”

    I ask myself that question all the time. I have never gotten an answer. So i tend to run to God, and he takes the burden away. It is hard to run to him. It is. But it works.

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      I couldn’t agree more. Prayer can be therapy it also reaffirms you.

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