Taking Stock 2.10

I don’t know about you, but May was such a trippy month for me. So much happened, I am still reeling. I have a sore throat and the insides of my neck feel like sandpaper, it’s best if I don’t talk much, so let’s take stock instead.

Making: plans for the new week. Too much is happening in it, if I don’t plan it out I might miss something crucial.

Cooking: a looot. Okay, so it was just four days this week but good luck convincing me I do not own a catering outfit.

Drinking; less water than I’d like. Normally, it’s 2l a day but I am currently struggling through the first half a liter.

Eating; a tonne of fruit.

Reading: On Black Sisters’ Street. Started reading three weeks back, then an annoying human distracted me so I stopped and read 3 other books before finally deciding I was ready to get back to this.
P.s Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime was fantastic.

Wishing; for these pair of boots from Bata that I’ve been drooling over… and tickets to Wizkid’s gig.

(and to go back here ????????)

Wanting; a seat at the table more than a job.

Playing; infinity Loop.

Praying; for my good health…

Listening; to my neighbour’s (phone) conversations. That woman is louuuud.

Watching; travel vlogs by the dozen.

Wasting; ermmm, can’t think of anything. We’ll come back to this…

Loving; ermmm idk… myself?

Enjoying; solitude.

Needing; so much, I could make a whole list.

Smelling; ripe bananas- I just ate one.

Following; aesthetically pleasing accounts and people and random non-Kenyan bloggers just because.

Knowing; I’ve got this.(even when it feels like I don’t.)

Learning; to walk away. (Super tough lesson.)

Appreciating; my mum’s prayers. I feel like I could have it worse in so many ways but don’t; because she prays.

Understanding; it’s not always personal.

Feeling; scared and excited. I haven’t been on the news beat, or chased a story in a while and I’ll be diving into that world this week. I can’t wait but there’s also a little nagging fear.
There’s also Kwani? Open Mic on Tuesday. I haven’t been a featured poet anywhere in two years so this feels like a comeback of sorts.



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