Taking Stock 2.07

I recently sat through a panel discussion on Benga music, thanks to the ongoing #JaladaFestival, and my mind was totally blown away. Smart people are such sexy creatures when they stop egos from getting to them, it gets even better when they are smart and well spoken. They evoke a spicy githeri-avocado kinda feeling. Now I want to sit through panel discussions and be a sponge, because, alar, all this brain demands to be consumed. ION, filled this in a while back, then somehow managed to lose the file because I can be a dumb-dumb like that but now that I have redone it, I am so much happier for it. Let’s take some stock, shall we?

Making; plans. I feel like the minute I stop making these…and writing…I’ll die.

Cooking; a tonne of spaghetti.

Drinking; coffee because that stuff makes me hyper and sometimes, you need energy from wherever you can get it…beginning to realise that Red Bull is not one of those places.

Eating; capsicum slices. I recently put slices in a mason jar then continued to fill it up with vinegar and well…hello snack.

Reading; 5 Days in Paris, the first Danielle Steele I have read in ages. I woke up with a craving for her writing this last Friday… Craving might be putting it lightly.

Wishing; I have no idea why this part is still here. I think I outgrew wishes.

Wanting; stability. A better neighbourhood. A mani-pedi, lord, I should have led with the mani-pedi!

Playing; Mind Of Mine, because arghhh ‘It’s You’

Listening; to a substantial amount of Zane Lowe interviews…I like how chilled he is, the ease of conversations with him… his research is immaculate and yet he doesn’t push that fact in your face. It’s not confrontational, at all, in as far as I can tell.

Watching; the second season of Bates Motel because, arghhh, it’s a pleasant thing to do when you’re waiting for your face mask to dry or whatever…or just need help easing into sleep.

Wasting; right now, it feels like time…and maybe a little bit of talent as well.

Sewing; very funny. Hahaha

Loving; cornrows. I really love how chill they are and how fast it is to get them done…

Enjoying; spiral spaghetti. This is more like an obsession actually, but who’s on the lookout..

Needing; to be able to view myself from a third person perspective. Does that even make sense?

Smelling; peppermint. I got this lovely package of body|hair butters, Betonite clay from Mugzies Naturals; considering doing a review. (I promise I paid for it, so this is not a shameless plug) but anyway, the package came with a complimentary tube of lip balm, thus the peppermint smell.

Following; The Tig. I subscribed to their newsletter a late last year, I think, and well, yeah…has nothing to do with the current Megan Markle buzz btw, or does it?

Knowing; I am not where I want to be, in a lot of ways. Also knowing I am privileged to have what I have.

Learning; to be thankful. To pray again. To give warm hugs. To dance when my soul demands it…and to let it sit in a corner when it needs to.

Appreciating; the fact that no challenge in my way is ever too big for me to conquer. I realize that sounds very dreamy, but my biggest take out this past year has been learning to chase after things, sometimes people, I desire. And asking for help when I need it.

Understanding; myself a little more each week, I want to say day, but that feels like pushing it…

Realizing; that God means a lot of different things. That God is personal.

Feeling; overwhelmed and underwhelmed, at the same time.



Photo; file.


10 responses to “Taking Stock 2.07”

  1. Stine Avatar

    Ugh I need a mani pedi too. Currently rocking chipped white polish.. Not cute.
    Nice chill read. I like your taking stock template, I shall steal a few of these headings for my next one 🙂

    1. veon Avatar

      White is cute, chipped white, not so much, totally get you.

      Haha thank you, steal away.

  2. Ciryan Avatar

    You know something Veon, this has just grown bigger and better. Let me drag kina Gufy huku.

    1. veon Avatar

      You think so? Thank you.

      Please, bring the whole clan if you must.

  3. Horace O'brian Avatar
    Horace O’brian

    Feeling; overwhelmed and
    underwhelmed, at the same time.
    Hot air that one, Veon!

    1. veon Avatar

      Life is never one dimensional…and I am not sure how filling in this template would be done to primarily impress.

  4. Fay Avatar

    I relate to a lot on this one, especially the feeling. Nice one V!

    1. veon Avatar

      Thank you Fay.

  5. Koki Avatar

    You inspire me

    1. veon Avatar

      …with my insanity?

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