Taking Stock 2.06

Sunday mornings have always felt, idk..out of it? Like, if you take a moment they will be the most chilled time you will ever have. But life is usually too demanding, too present, too loud and we rarely get to take that moment and just be. Well, until now, I have..or I am, today, this morning, right now…and it feels like breathing. Like listening to yourself and knowing that you are enough, which is sorta ironical; I am listening to Calum Scot’s Dancing on My Own.

Enough rambling, Taking Stock O’clock.

Making; mental notes of outfit ideas for the week, I hear it’s raining (elsewhere) and I want to be ready should the rain find its way to me. (I am hoping that will be sooner, seeing that they named me after the rain and what not…)

Cooking; spaghetti. So much of it, I could make a career out of reviewing spaghetti brands. (Do not buy the ‘butterfly’ line. Santa Maria is your friend…okay, I am done.)

Drinking; a lot of water. I think I might be back to two liters a day, maybe more. A skin breakout didn’t force me back to my old ways, didn’t even have anything to do with it.

Eating; a nice chunk of watermelon every morning. So, when I moved out and left my melon dealer at Tuskys Rongai (dude used to sell a whole melon for 100bob) I thought my melon loving life was about to be compromised, but I recently found a new dealer at the Fig Tree market in Ngara. He is the truth.

Reading; ‘Shopaholic & Baby’ and ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ concurrently. It took me all of January to read ‘And The Mountains Echoed’…I might be overcompensating with the new reads.

Wishing: for new clothes… which sounds like a joke; I do not have enough closet space for what I currently own.

Wanting: a new phone.

Playing; Loop, the infinity game on a friend’s phone last Wednesday got me thinking I should download it and risk addiction…

Listening; to ‘For Your Eyes Only’. I realize I am a little late to the party, but isn’t that the best way to arrive?

Watching; the first season of Shooter. Totally loving it. (I think I might be missing a few episodes though.)

Wasting: potatoes. So, I love potatoes, (and apple flavoured potato juice) and I might have bought more than I can consume when I did my January shopping.

Crocheting; I saw this pair of house slippers on Pinterest…

Loving: this morning. It’s a lil overcast, breezy, the neighborhood church is on mute, I am wearing the most comfy thigh high socks ever and I just went through a pile of biscuits. I am finally getting that ’easy like a Sunday morning’ vibe. I think I already said this…

Enjoying: my own space. It’s been 4 months now, I keep waiting for it to get old, and it doesn’t.
Dreaming: so! Heh! I had this dream last night…early this morning… I can’t remember the whole thing but was the plot dramatic or what?

Needing: a hug dispenser.

Smelling: Nivea Silver Protect*. I’ve always preferred men’s deo, I feel like they wear longer.

Following: Being Mary Jane. Anyone know of a Gabrielle Union Stan club I can join? How gorgeous and smart is that woman? And she won’t age!

Knowing: that I need to break the surface… also, practice patience.

Appreciating: friendships; I know a few women that are not just phenomenal because they love me in my madness.

Understanding; the importance of financial planning. Was doing some research stuff for work and ended up learning one or six things. Budgeting is a bih, but a lifesaving bih.

Feeling: airy.


*Each time I’ve looked out towards the city, I have felt the need to own it. Now I have an image of me giving me that same vibe, courtesy of  @NairobiPhoet (Twitter | IG ) Now, maybe, I’ll go out and actually own the damn city.

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5 responses to “Taking Stock 2.06”

  1. Leona Avatar

    I actually love your “Taking Stock” posts.

    1. veon Avatar

      awww…the Feb one should be out tomorrow.

    2. veon Avatar

      haha I just published a new one, I was really tempted to type ‘Another 1!’here

  2. Shady Avatar

    Beautiful piece. You speak to yourself so clearly. Your voice is profound.
    Good habits too, take out the crotchetting and the potatoes and the rest is stuff I wanna do. Keep at it.
    And wait, do you live in Ngara?

    1. veon Avatar

      Yes, i do speak to myself, it can feel like the best way to keep sane sometimes.

      Haha potatoes are good for you.

      I don’t live in Ngara, I work thereabouts.

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