Taking Stock 2.05

The year ends tomorrow and I felt like the only right way to end it (on the blog) is via Taking Stock.

It’s been a long year; from losing the old site and posts, starting from scratch to slowly building this. I couldn’t have done it without some really cool human beings; Kaesa (who designed the kick ass logo), MohaBig (who set my Instagram on fire – @theVeon_ yes, that was a shameless plug), David (who has to deal with me when I panic over thumbnails.) and you my friend that kept coming back here. Also, shout out to the humans that broke my heart, I do have one ☺, and made me feel enough to write; y’all are precious. Now, let’s get to the inventory; Taking Stock…

Making; to do lists for the New Year.

Cooking; spaghetti like my life depends on it. I mean, since moving out, I literally live on spaghetti and the occasional plate of rice.

Drinking; less water than I’d like. I picked up this thing; drinking 2liters of water a day earlier in the year, I’ve been slacking at it lately.

Eating; red grapes more and more. (That stuff is amazing and fruits are your friends.)

Reading; The New York Times, The Verge and Wired UK every morning.

Wishing: I’m not wishing really. I feel like I’ve woken up to a lot of reality this year and no longer have the naivety that wishes call for. (I hope I am not wrong.)

Wanting: to get started on a book. For the longest time ever, I wanted to compile an anthology and then I let the (perceived?) hustle that is publishing get to me. I think I am ready to get back on that horse.

Playing; Emeli Sande’s Garden. Consider me a Stan.

Listening; to the sounds of the highway through my open window.

Watching; Roadies. My boss has been recommending it for a while now… finally getting to it.

Wasting: less time. So, if you know me you know how terrible a time keeper I am. Like, I show up at appointments an hour late but I like to think I have improved on it these last few months.

Sewing: Crotcheting; I’m finally doing this again.

Loving: my niece. (Who starts school- as in baby class- in January. Excited for her!)

Enjoying: having my own place. ???? (you knew this part was coming) it’s still empty for most part but I love it.

Dreaming: of a YouTube channel. ( That’s coming in the new year ????????)

Needing: A clothes rack. Been on the look out for one for a while now but stuff ends up jumbled up. I either cannot align logistics or it’s too expensive or transportation is a mess… And with the load I own, dear Lord, take the wheel (rack).

Smelling: Nivea Shea butter body cream; one of those products that stuck with me throughout the year…and I have really fickle skin. (This is not an ad BTW)

Following: random Book lovers’ accounts on IG. I feel like book photography will be a big part of me in the coming months.

Knowing: that I am exactly where I need to be.

Feeling: exhausted and excited. I finally ordered those crates from Taking Stock 2.04 but the delivery is an hour late. Excited because I cannot wait to pick up this old typewriter that I scored via Twitter. I was going to explain the excitement over old typewriter, but you’ve seen my logo…

And I am GRATEFUL for you. Thank you for being such a constant guest. I can’t wait to see you in the new year! Love to you and yours. Xx

Photography courtesy of @MohaBig





2 responses to “Taking Stock 2.05”

  1. Ciryan Avatar

    I’m glad I stopped by..n

    1. veon Avatar

      Happy to have you, as always.

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