Taking Stock 2.02

Filling in this Taking Stock template is usually a struggle, each month. It continues to be a fight between over sharing and being real; so much so that I’ve considered just dropping it- but then there are humans like Gufy , Dee, Kaesa, Cate Kabura, Ciryan… that only come to here to read Taking Stock so I can’t exactly drop it. Having said that, I actually enjoyed Taking Stock this month, which will explain why it’s hella chatty; don’t get bored to death.

Making; To-Do lists. My brain is a file of To-Do lists. If it’s not on the list; it’s not getting done.

Cooking: we decided this is a rumour, yes?  Breakfast on weekends.

Drinking: a glass of water, first thing each morning. I am so ready to start giving fitness lectures on Instagram man!

Reading: Abigail Arunga’s ‘A Side of Raunch’ and Rereading ‘Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth’. I’m toying with the idea of publishing and it felt right to deal with the toying by reading these two because; Abigail Arunga’s brain is my spirit animal and well, Warsan Shire is Warsan Shire.

Wishing: for rain. I am tired of swimming in dust.

Wanting; so much out of life (and believing it’s possible to get all of it).

Playing; Jhene Aiko’s ‘Sail Out’. I feel like this is the best project she’s ever put out; it’s hella soulful and very honest and…   but I haven’t listened to much of her new stuff or Twenty88 so…

Listening: More like falling asleep to, Frank Ocean’s ‘We All Try’. Ngatia introduced me a couple weeks ago and the song just calms me. Power to you Mr. Ocean, well, you too Ngatia. Yet to immerse myself fully into Blond though, so please, feel free to tell me how much I am missing out.

Wasting; time looking for a kickass ‘Fast Car’ cover. There are hordes of covers of this jam, and by hordes I mean HORDES,  but they all don’t measure up. The only one I’ve come sorta close to liking is this one, from UK I think, it falls short though- like they’ve got everything in the video, from racing horses to super bikes but alas, no fast car. (insert your favourite ‘bitch what?’ meme here)


Enjoying; hogging my niece’s Skittles; because I am 5 with 17 years of experience and those things are delicious.

Liking; Rosewater. I know, it’s a come back from last year, but I honestly think it makes everything better; I am yet to pour a few drops on my ATM card and watch my account balance double though.

Loving; Pauline’s cover of Wahu’s ‘Sweet Love’  (Pauline is the dreadlocked chica from KIU) The whole Legacy album|project is actually worth checking out.

Dreaming;of Meru. I’ve never been and I’m headed there this weekend. So excited. *breathes in* No, this excitement has got nothing to do with Miraa sampling.

Hoping; for so much.

Marveling; at nothing.

Needing; a new notebook. Make that notebook(S), you can never have too many of those.

Smelling; bananas. Just ate one…probably on my way to eating another…my inner Somali has been on flex mode lately.

Wearing; clothes, alar!

Following; Kenyanwallstreet. I know this human being that won’t stop talking about them; so I hit the follow button.

Knowing; that I am settling, and I shouldn’t. (This is me saying that you’ll get that load of content I promised.)

Feeling; a lot, too much at once.

Image Courtesy  of David Mutunga Photography 





10 responses to “Taking Stock 2.02”

  1. Ngartia Avatar

    Listen to Nostalgia ULTRA and Channel Orange first. ????

    1. veon Avatar

      Haha will do… I think we need to update your C.V.

  2. Linda Avatar

    I read your taking stocking faithfully. Helps me get into your world.

    1. veon Avatar

      It’s been too long though; we need to do coffee or something before the year closes.

  3. Cate Kabura Avatar
    Cate Kabura

    Yaaaass!!! taking stock 🙂

    Let’s talk about ‘Sail Out’…Jhene…This album is heaven ♥.

    I’ve been really dreaming about rain 😉

    1. veon Avatar

      Oh, I know this about you!!! Totally love the album.

      Can Nyamburas|Kaburas evoke rain? We need to harness magic from our combined names.

  4. Fred M. Avatar
    Fred M.

    Never knew Somali’s loved bananas that much ????

    1. veon Avatar

      oh, they do…possibly a whole lot more.

  5. Regina Avatar

    I hope you liked Meru. It’s home for me. Always such a joy to come back here. 🙂

    1. veon Avatar

      I loved, loved Meru. Can’t wait to go back. It’s scenic and beautiful.

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