Taking Stock 2.01

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago. I should apologize, yes? Maybe? No? Look, I am sorry for the delay (yes, that was a shameless Just A Band reference). I will do better next time (I promise).  In the meantime, let’s take some inventory.

Making;  content plans and it almost escaped my attention that I have never made one…or even attempted to make one for myself. I think it would be an interesting avenue to explore.

Cooking: ermmmm…you see. Now… This shall change soon, I think.

Drinking: water and black tea. Lots of it.

Reading: I just finished reading ‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’ by Andre Dubus. I am not sure why I continue to read that man when he (clearly) always leaves me confused.

Wanting; guavas. There’s a tree right outside, and I can see nice, ripe, yellow, juicy guavas calling for me to sink my teeth into them. To steal the neighbour’s guavas or not to steal; that really is the question…

Playing; a lot of Liquid Deep on SoundCloud. I used to love him a few years back, Vandy introduced me, and I think that love is back to haunt me. I don’t mind. Not at all.

Listening: to the Bars101  album by Ace the Don . This dude is so slept on!!!!!

Wasting; my mornings. I am very much a night person. If I stay up creating, or I don’t, mornings feel like an extension of night and I have these crazy ideas and energy to execute them. Unfortunately, I spend about two hours, each morning, in traffic.

Sewing: Crocheting: I am attempting to learn how to make granny patches. The first attempt was great, the second…not so much.

Enjoying; my life right now. And not to burn anyone, but my current relationship status is also pretty fulfilling. I can’t explain.

Liking; Armstrong Too’s photography. I mean, I always have, but he showed me some new images a couple weeks ago and boy, was my mind blown! You should check out his Behance.

Loving; ermm, Armstrong’s Photography.

Dreaming; of travel, which will be happening soon. I am super excited about all of it, but I don’t want to share too soon and jinx it.

Hoping; to find a good home. I might be counting my chicks here, but I think I’ll be able to move out soon. Like end of year soon. EXCITED!

Marveling; at how long it takes Kenya Power to sort out issues. We haven’t had power since Saturday 4.10am. It’s half past 5 on Monday evening!!!

Needing; A nice huge meaty burger! News Cafe; this would be the time to surprise me!

Smelling; the brewing of a storm. I think it’s going to rain, or maybe I am just imagining it.

Wearing; my red Tommys so damn much, I think they are ready to fall apart.

Following; no one…no TV Show…nothing

Knowing; that I need to get my butt up and head home…but I’ll be stuck in traffic for a long ass minute.

Feeling; fulfilled.

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  1. Ciryan Avatar

    Taking Stock’s one of the numerous reasons why I just won’t stop checking out this site out.I love it real.Just the way it is.
    Veon,about cooking,hehe.

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