Cheap Thrills

‘Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight…. I LOVE CHEAP THRILLS!’
Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ is arguably one of my best songs this year. And while I would like to argue that her amazing songwriting and better than your average vocals are to blame, truth is, I love ‘Cheap Thrills’ because at heart, I am cheap thrills obsessed. I love and want to have a good time without risking blowing my wallet to extinction.
To be honest though, I think my love for cheap thrills is a result of adulting. When you move out and are suddenly dealing with utility bills every month; you will find that your expendable income dwindles. At least that’s what my experience has been.
I moved pretty close to Garden City and did not want to sacrifice (exploring and) having fun at the mall just because I was paying rent elsewhere. (Isn’t paying rent like the most painful thing ever? I constantly feel like I am giving money to someone that hasn’t earned it… I know, I know…).

I figured I’d have to find ways to enjoy the mall without burning holes through my wallet’s lining. At first, this felt like the biggest challenge ever but a couple months in; I love it.
Top of ‘cheap thrills’ list and absolute must have is popcorn! I love popcorn in all manner of flavors and color but if I have to choose, I always go with Caramel popcorn. Like every single time! Of course it helps that there is a (flavored) popcorn stand on the ground floor at Garden City.

My other fave is the movies. I mean, I just mentioned popcorn, of course you knew I had to mention the cinema. And while the 3D experience is standard and consistently kick ass; late night movies at the Garden City Imax are just it for me. Sometimes, I like to close my eyes and pretend the theater is actually in my house… I know, I know… but they don’t call it the #CityOfDreams for nothing, right?

You ever have days when you just want to be left alone with your thoughts, lots of air and maybe a good book? That is me all the time! Often, when this mood strikes, I’m usually in no mood to cook too (if I have an appetite to speak of in the first place) so I’ll find myself packing a book and heading to the mall. Reading in cafés is actually something I enjoy. However, the lunch time rush at cafés and coffee houses can be a mess! In these instances, I find Planet Yogurt an absolute haven! They have a really cool wait staff. (That are not bad to look at, at
all.) And their store is all glass and airy, which if you ask me is the perfect environment to consume a good book, and a FroYo with it…

A friend of mine likes to say it’s not much of a trip to the mall if you haven’t been to a clothing store. I don’t agree on this, but somehow, you’ll always find me at N3 Milles scavenging for cute stuff (that my sister might or might not souve herself later.) And of course, there’s Mr. Price. If I am wearing a crop top, chances are, I (shamelessly) sourced it from the kids’ section at Mr. P, like a boss!

I think that’s it for my list of cheap thrills from Garden City, but since we’re talking about kids… I have this insane need to add the Garden City Water park to my list of cheap thrills. God knows the pricing makes sense, and rolling in water (natural hair woes aside) looks like it would be hella fun. Sadly, 5’3 is too tall for the water park, apparently. But seriously though, if you know someone that can hook me up with the water park after the kids have gone home…





7 responses to “Cheap Thrills”

  1. Liyaah Avatar

    Awsomee…..coming there by 31st especially the water park….!

    1. veon Avatar

      You will love it!

  2. Kipling Avatar

    Awesome, although the “é” in cafés bothers me big time. ????????????

    1. veon Avatar

      Hahaha but why? Don’t care much for the French?

  3. Ciryan Avatar

    …a fun read.I (slightly) like Cheap Thrills (the song).But I definitely love this piece.

    1. veon Avatar

      The song is amazing…and Thank you.

  4. Tiye Avatar

    If you are a gamer-such as myself- then trix is probably going to be your favourite cheap thrill! It’s an indoor gaming centre and loads of fun 🙂

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