Taking Stock 23.1

the prodigal daughter returns

I am here to confirm that that notification was not a fluke. After a lot of coercion, self doubt, and gentle bullying from friends, it seems I am back to this thing called blogging, and hopefully for good this time. I am sorry to have gone missing this past year (maybe 2?) 

We will hopefully get into my disappearance over the next few posts, and what I was up to during that time. 

I have questioned how to best return to this our little space on the internet and feedback has been, almost unanimously, to start with Taking stock… that good old template that prompted us to reevaluate life with a little more depth. Shall we get into it? 


Plans. As comes with the beginning of each new year, there are a lot of new things that need to be settled. From figuring concrete plans for the blog, figuring how to return to writing for writing’s sake, settling into a new house, career and more fun things like my dreams of travel this year. There are lots of plans. 


I haven’t been cooking as much as I’d like, both for the lack of sheer will, if I am being honest, and just… kukosa nguvu. I returned to the office in May 2022, and by the time I get home on most days, I do not want to look at the kitchen, let alone step into it. 

I did make a delicious mukimo & beef stew the day before yesterday, so maybe there’s hope. 


… less water than I’d like. So I’d better add hydration onto that list of plans. Hehehe

Been making coffee to carry to the office each morning; coffee press, espresso blend, vanilla syrup and soy milk have been adding joy in an otherwise bleak, capitalistic world. 


As I type this, I am having some of that mukimo & beef stew for lunch. Carried it to the office in an ice cream container; peak auntie behaviour. 

Been eating lots of oats & raisins with soy milk and a little water for breakfast, for the past year… maybe more. A remnant from my ‘fitness’ days. 


Mean Baby. Received this as a birthday present last December and it’s my first read of the year. Next up is Michelle Obama’s ‘The Light We Carry”. Another gift from last December, this time from the office secret Santa. 

I have been reading poorly, so this year’s hope/dream/plan is to read a book each month. If I can hack that, I will be a happy child. 


A beautiful bucket hat, with colourful shrooms on it… a lovely tongue in cheek gift, reminiscent of my trip to South Africa last July. I absolutely cannot wait to tell you all about it. Really. 

I tried to capture that on my Instagram & a little on TikTok and failed. Writing has never failed me, so there’s hope… and excitement. 


For the plans I have for the year to come through. As a teenager that will be turning 30 in December (yes, I am one of those 1993 babies that everyone’s speaking of) this year feels both monumental and trivial. What’s age but a number, really? 

Don’t start asking me about a husband and kids though; I’m just a baby!


To turn the new house into a home. 


Wordle. I fell off that particular wagon towards the end of the year, blaming that on detty December, but I am back now. Yesterday showed me dust though; apparently I couldn’t figure out the word of the day was LAYER!!! This is why I need to get back to writing and reading, for my pleasure!  


To the Ambient Sleep playlist on Apple Music every night, helps me fall asleep. 

One of my friends introduced me to Oontz via Gondwana last year. Revolutionary, Sun El has quickly risen to the top of my listening. 


We’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale and let me tell you, half the time I just want to fight Offred! Like, ma’am, if you don’t just get up and escape!!! Nitaingia kwa hiyo TV nikufight mimi! 


The love that surrounds me in this season. I have been blessed with solid people that have held me in my toughest days, laughed with me, called me out and through each instance, I have never had to question my place in their lives.

I am a loved babygirl and I love that for me.  


… of the next post to share with you guys. Hints are welcome 😉 


Of a tiny car. Is manifesting a thing we are saying this year? I yearn for the convenience that comes with your own 4 wheels. 


Delicate, feminine scents… from hand creams, body lotions, fragrance mists, scented candles, colognes, flowers… 


The beach. If I don’t touch the ocean this month, I fear, I might wither. 


Elizabeth Arden’s My Fifth Avenue. Love this scent and the fact that it’s relatively affordable while not being as popular as the White Tea variants from the same house? Chef’s Kiss!


Signed Blake. Love her content; from her dog to DIY to fashion to travel…


To remind myself to be still and know He is God. This is particularly hard, but calming. 


The things I have. The gifts that have been bestowed upon me. The love that flows in my life. The opportunities that find me. 


A lot of things take time. I need to learn to be patient, but practice consistency. 


Relieved. I have dreamt of coming back to the blog for such a longtime but kept putting it off because, who is still reading blogs in the era of 30 second videos? What do I even have to say that’s worth reading? Niko sure? 

But… writing has been my home for more than a decade now. I am grateful that I have come back, knocked on home’s door and the key actually turned. 

I am happy to be back and nervously excited for what’s to come, whatever it may be, wherever it leads us. May I always remember this peace. 

Love & Potatoes, 



4 responses to “Taking Stock 23.1”

  1. Sylvia Mundia Avatar
    Sylvia Mundia

    Absolutely enjoyed that

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you, Sylvia 🙂

  2. Pepps Avatar

    This was so calming to read! Yayy you for coming back and I’m excited to read everything else you’ll share!

    1. Veon Ngugi Avatar
      Veon Ngugi

      Thank you, Pepps. Excited to make a comeback to blogging

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