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  • Real Food At Roro’s

    Real Food At Roro’s

    A few weeks ago, my friend Bobo decided a work date was in order so she dragged me out of the house and together, we decided Roro’s was the perfect fit.

  • A Rack of Ribs and Savanna – RocoMamas

    A Rack of Ribs and Savanna – RocoMamas

    My friend Zein likes to joke that Nairobi girls operate on a template; we don’t particularly care for beer but drink Savanna almost by the bucketloads, if a chilly evening finds us at a coffee shop, we order a honey, ginger and lemon but believe almost religiously in the healing powers of Java’s Dawa whenever […]

  • Taking Stock 2.23

    Taking Stock 2.23

    I’m not sure what inspired Nike’s slogan ‘Just do it!’ but I’ve found that taking it literally works. For instance, I’d convinced myself my to do list is too packed for me to blog and started adding this blog post on to that list over lunch but halfway through, my brain went ‘Or you could […]

  • News Cafe’s Good Old Traditional Breakfast

    News Cafe’s Good Old Traditional Breakfast

    About a fortnight ago, there was a fire at Sarit Center. I wasn’t anywhere close to the mall at the time but you bet I had questions! So when a friend recently suggested I meet them for breakfast at News Cafe, Sarit Center, I (did the totally Kenyan thing gave in to curiosity and ran […]

  • Brunching At Big Square

    Brunching At Big Square

    There is this terrible saying, a bad clock is right twice a day and I think the same can be said for me; if you wait long enough, I’ll be on time, like I was this Saturday! This past weekend, we had a team lunch and guess who was early? Me! Well, technically, I was […]