Rolf’s Place: Quick Day Trip, With Killer Views

A couple of weeks ago, I opened Instagram then quickly closed the app and proceeded to call my best friend like, 

‘Babe, what exactly are we doing with our lives?’

The thing is, I’d been pretty content with the life I was leading until that second. Not content content, but the kind of content that knows your life is not perfect but you’re working towards the life you want for yourself.

You know you’ve got this.

Then you check the gram and everyone is at the coast, never mind that they were at the Mara the fortnight before and suddenly, the math does not math…

Now, if you are like me and the travel math hasn’t been mathing, especially now that Jayden has pretty much opened the outside, I have some cute news for you, if you keep it local, like really local, the math can still math.

When I say really local, I mean backyard local. There are a few gems within Nairobi (and its environs) that are Instagramesque, (it’s 2020, travel destinations have to be Instagramable ama what’s the point? I digress.) and will see you having a good time while allowing your small monies to actually make sense.

First up and sole focus for today is Rolf’s Place.

This castle turned restaurant is the perfect quick day trip venue. Situated on Maasai Lodge Road, Rongai, it’s quite the dusty drive but the views more make up for it.

The menu is mainly meat, no surprises there as Kajiado county at large is all about that good. However, I’ve had better meat elsewhere.

While it was edible, there was nothing outstanding or juicy about the pork cutlet or lamb chops we ordered. The service was okay, just okay. But they do have drinks on the menu.

So if you are planning on heading that way, I would suggest that you eat elsewhere then head to Rolf’s Place for sundowners or just a lazy afternoon drinks while you enjoy the views and the escapades of the cheeky monkeys on the property.

While you’re there, don’t forget to take photos on the famed bridge, scroll down to enjoy that and more views.

I’ll leave you to that, but before I go, I want to remind you (and myself) that comparison is the thief of joy, don’t let Instagram steal yours, but if you ever find yourself there, I wouldn’t mind a follow, lol.

Enjoy the gorgeous photos by @abumburu

Love & Potatoes,


The view from the bridge. To take photos on a professional camera, Rolf’s Place charges Ksh 1000 per person.
Should you opt to just take photos on the bridge (on your phone) and keep it moving, Rolf’s Place charges Ksh 100 per person.
The bridge is pretty sturdy and the management doesn’t allow more than 5 people on it at ago, so you’re pretty safe on it. However, if you’re scared of heights, it might not exactly be your cup of tea.


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