Real Food At Roro’s

When was the last time restaurant food had you dancing on your seat? Scratch that. When was the last time you had real food at a restaurant?

Me? Recently.

A few weeks ago, my friend Bobo decided a work date was in order so she dragged me out of the house and together, we decided Roro’s was the perfect fit.

Roro’s strikes the balance between real food that’s actually good for you and yummy, with aesthetics. Bobo hadn’t been before, but this was my third time and since the third time is a charm (or whatever they say) I figured this time you guys actually deserve a review.

When the folks over at Roro’s said they give healthy food a makeover, they did not lie!

I had the Super Foods Buddha Bowl ( Chargrilled cauliflower, grilled mushrooms, garlic and sesame kale, pomegranate seeds, fennel, beetroot, lettuce, avocado and sunflower seeds with a minty herb vinaigrette).

I am not big on mushrooms, at all, so I didn’t touch those but everything else thoroughly slapped.

The chargrilled cauliflower was heavenly! There’s something about the texture and flavours of grilled veggies that always gets me; they’re rough but flavourful and different from the crunchy softness I have come to expect from steamed/stirfried veggies.

I have always substituted kale with spinach but the garlic and sesame kale was worth the deep dive, a nice combination of flavours that retained a bite.

The thing about this bowl is that every ingredient played a part, with the minty herb vinaigrette spearing it all together. It’s essentially what I imagine an orchestra would taste like.

I couldn’t clear my bowl, so I had it packed and added a small portion of brown rice and polished it off for lunch the next day.

Bobo ordered from the Winter menu and when I decided I was going to write a review, I bullied her into emailing me a paragraph on her experience. It went something like…

I am always hungry lately. I ordered a cup of lemon tea (honestly, it tasted better than my lemon tea at home)that at the time I hadn’t realized that it was the second, best decisions I was making that day.  My date is here. We settle down and the waitress, who is one of the nicest people I have met brings the menus and asks if we would like to order.

We (I) am starving. I look at the menu and I want everything on it. I decide to order from the winter menu which included savoury rice bowls. I love salmon with every fibre of my being and the grilled salmon with garlic brown rice and sesame kale with a side of pickled veg sweet sesame ginger sauce.

The presentation was everything and the first bite was heaven. The flavours burst in your mouth. It’s not too much not overwhelming. It’s nice but subtle enough to make you cry as you smile same time.

The salmon was well done, the flavour hit every bit of your tongue that can taste anything  (all 5 of them).


Soon to be owner of a Fenty Savage piece!


For Ksh 1050  and 1,150 respectively this meal was not only filling and healthy, it was also delicious!

Roro’s is vegan and vegetarian friendly and is located on the ground floor of  Sarit Centre, right next to the exit (opposite Absa). Find their menu here.
When she’s not writing me reviews or championing education (story for another day) Bobo, internet name – Kophen,curates the yummiest playlist. Look her up on Apple Music @Kophen_ 
Should you end up at Roro’s and/or Bobo’s profile let me know how you find them.
Love & Potatoes,


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