I just spent some time going through my Google Photos. Mostly because I’m running out of space and was like, ‘Why would I be running out of space?’ Well, turns out it’s because there’s a tonne of junk on there, I’ll get to it.

But even in the midst of the junk, there are some fab memories. Jagged edges that I might have thought not cute enough for Instagram or just stuff that I was too shy about. Looking at them now though? Ah! My heart gushes, my soul fills up and I wonder, ‘Why did I ever think this wasn’t good enough?’

Why do we ever think we are not good enough?

Maybe it’s nostalgia giving me rosy glasses, but I’ll take it anyway because we are beautiful people and even though it doesn’t feel like that way all the time, a girl can hope, yeah?

I’m hoping that this is the start to more writing, that I’ll keep coming back. But mostly, I am hoping you are well and even as dark as these times might feel that you too have found a little joy in the mundane.

I wish you joy and talk to you soon,

Love & Potatoes,

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