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  • Taking Stock 2.23

    Taking Stock 2.23

    I’m not sure what inspired Nike’s slogan ‘Just do it!’ but I’ve found that taking it literally works. For instance, I’d convinced myself my to do list is too packed for me to blog and started adding this blog post on to that list over lunch but halfway through, my brain went ‘Or you could […]

  • Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock 2.22

    Taking Stock this month finds me at a place at a place of contentment, of feet firmly planting, it’s a continuously process this one… It finds me at a place of accepting the things I need to sit right, to get it right with MY program but also not letting that mar my everyday experience. […]

  • Taking Stock 2.21

    Taking Stock 2.21

    I’m trying to get into the habit of evaluating my month just as it ends and another begins. The result?  I hope to bring Taking Stock to the beginning of the month, and definitely have my intentions for myself clearer throughout the month. Consequently, we shall grow and glow, ultimately thrive…. rinse and repeat. I […]

  • Surviving The Cutlife

    Surviving The Cutlife

    When you first cut your hair, no one prepares you for the cutlife and the madness that comes with it. Instead, they make jokes about all of it and you don’t mind. You’re oo busy letting water run through your scalp each time you shower to be bothered by ‘shika hii mbao ukanyolewe, na useme […]

  • Taking Stock 2.20

    Taking Stock 2.20

    Taking Stock here for the first time in about quarter. Not much has changed, well, if you over look my niece’s influence on my music and movie choices. Speaking of young kids, anyone know where I can buy a brick game in Nairobi? Making: an effort to post a bit more regularly on Instagram now […]

  • Exploring with One Shot Africa

    Exploring with One Shot Africa

    The first time I hangout with One Shot Africa, I was chilling in the house on a Sunday after plans had gone burst.

  • Taking Stock 2.19

    Taking Stock 2.19

      The first quarter of the year is gone and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that yet. So much happened in it, so much good, some ugly and some downright crazy and no, I am not about to say we live and we learn (even though we do).  Currently 7 […]

  • Taking Stock 2.18

    Taking Stock 2.18

    Can you smell that? That’s the smell of the now decaying flowers sacrificed for you on the 14th day of this month; I hope you are happy and that that love hasn’t gone stale. I know, I know, I sound like a hater, so I’ll shush. Valentines aside, was February good to you? Are you […]

  • Talents of Nairobi

    Talents of Nairobi

    Perhaps influenced by Shonda Rhimes’ TED talk (I am yet to get the book), I promised myself that I’d make a point of saying yes to more things and just try new stuff at least once. I did, for a while. But not too consistently. Talents of Nairobi caught me in one of those inconsistent […]

  • Taking Stock 2.17

    Taking Stock 2.17

    Fifty nine weeks later, Oprah is now 64 and January is finally coming to an end! Do I hear an amen? It’s impossible to take stock of close to sixty weeks, but let’s try anyway…. Making a point of being more consistent with my gratitude jar this year, so much so, I think I’ll be […]