5 Songs That Have Been Giving Me Joy Lately

It’s 20 minutes to 11 pm on Thursday. I am buying time as I wait for 11 because I have somehow successfully convinced myself that that is the perfect time to get back to work; the world will have chilled out, my colleagues will have probably called it a night and I can work for huge chunks of time, without interruptions.

Am I right? Who knows.

Am I procrastinating? Probably

As I wait though, I am want to share with you 5 songs that have been giving me joy lately, as I anticipate sharing a weekly #HymnForTheWeek on my Twitter. Please, no pressure, but feel free to keep me accountable…


1. Marry You Twice – Charisma (YouTube)
This one gets me going for a few reasons; this guy’s handle on twitter is Luhya Heat, how could you not like a person with a handle like that? Then there’s the video, I’m not sure about him playing a personal trainer with those biceps (or lack thereof) but he plays For Wambui’s love interest and really, who doesn’t like Foi? Then there’s the song itself, I dare you not to be ready to say yes to this marrying twice business by the time he’s done singing. If you’re not at yes, you need to play that song again. The rest of the ‘With Love, Charisma’ EP is pretty solid too and available wherever you stream your music.

2. Drown – Wurld (YouTube)
‘Never leave my baby…’ as a dedicated member of the single people club, that opening line still gets me going. The whole song does. This song doesn’t have a video by the album art more than makes up for it, I promise.

So go on, play Mr. Wurld and listen to the rest of the album (Candy is my favourite one) then come back and tell me if his jawline isn’t one of the best Nigerian exports.

3. High Table – Nviiri, Fena Gitu (YouTube)
This one makes me miss the club. It really does… but it’s more than that. It brings Nviiri, Fena and Naiboi and if that isn’t a celebration of Kenyan music, honey, what is? It’s hype, it’s catchy, it’s a nice serving of Kenyan humour and if you listen to it on a Friday, please have something stronger than water in your hand because this song absolutely brings the heat. Why it’s shy of 700 views on YouTube.

4. Be Careful – Snoh Aalegra (YouTube)
If there ever was a battle on short yet amazing songs, Snoh would absolutely win it with this one. The whole ‘Ugh, those feels…’ album is pretty great, introspective and perfect if you’re trying to catch a feeling… or trying to remember what catching a feeling feels like but this one wins purely based on the opening line. ‘There are people to blame for people in pain,’ 

P.s she has a new song out titled DYING 4 YOUR LOVE, I kid you not. and if ever there was a soundtrack for shooting your shot, this song should be it. 

5. Peddi – Bensoul (YouTube)
In this house, we stan Bensoul (and the larger Solgeneration family for the most part) so it’s no surprise that he made it to this list, right? His songwriting has always been beyond reproach, but on this one, he’s chill, loving the process and the song literally glides from verse to verse. The video is so simple yet so crisp. The Qwarantunes EP is okay, a bit short but okay but Peddi is a gem.

Bonus Track; F2020 – Avenue Beat (YouTube)

Given how this year has been going, this particular song had to make it to this post. If there was a 2020 anthem, this ought to be it. I discovered it on TikTok, yes. I like how unbothered it feels, but still resonates with everything everyone (or most are going through right now) if country pop with millenial- more like Gen Z- vibes is your thing, then you’ll love this one.

I’ve been playing these jams on Apple Music, but I figured YouTube a more accessible platform for all. Let me know if you’d still like a playlist on the former or if there are other songs I should listen to. What are you currently loving? I’d like to know… 

Love & Potatoes, 



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