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  • Becoming | @gufydox

    Becoming | @gufydox

    Young, I have lived this life with half smiles full frowns and numb fingers. I have imagined dragons and flown on backs Of fairies every time I put tooth under pillow. Those nights were full of colour Makes me want to be child again. To run around naked, Tempting the cold weather to send flu […]

  • Too Much, Too Fast | @keedjo

    Too Much, Too Fast | @keedjo

    It’s either love out loud, or cold shoulders from me It’s a bear hug or a handshake It’s my tongue down your throat or a half-ass look in your direction It’s too much- for me I want you, a little but in a big way I want to steal your soul by kissing you all […]

  • What Will You Do? | By @NyokabiWainaina

    What Will You Do? | By @NyokabiWainaina

    When you are too scared to breathe,

  • Know You | by @Sofaphilosopher

    Know You | by @Sofaphilosopher

    The night before we’ll buy supplies. We’ll start out very early. We’ll drive off into the sunrise for somewhere quaint and distant; somewhere quaint, distant and lonely. We’ll park somewhere off the road, and leave our cellphones in the car – the world can make do without us for a little while. We’ll get the […]

  • 3.3


    i Love me quietly Should I love you back, Love me quietly ii I have been dreaming of things that we could be Each time, I close my eyes to the hallucinations of your whispers I want to get to know you, Simmer at the mercy of your hands and watch my body turn into […]

  • Ships Have Been Wrecked Here |By @kelvinKaesa

    Ships Have Been Wrecked Here |By @kelvinKaesa

    There will be days like this; She will hold you hostage by the curve of her smile She will say “I love you” and mean it with her every breathe; Like a sufi poet Like the walls of a cave giving in she will break at your lips She will lay her soul at the […]

  • Two Cents

    Two Cents

    My son’s 3 hair strands have finally grown into a beard. I cannot tell you how proud I am. Proud of his clean-shaven head. Proud of his skin; one that is full of melanin. Proud of a son that understands my loathing of Mohawks and shares it. I am in awe. The process of growing […]